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NameDate SizeSurfaceCategory
Week 01
W15 Cairo, Wk. 12021-01-04 8ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Monastir, Wk. 12021-01-04 8HardChallenger (M)
W15 Antalya, Wk. 12021-01-04 32ClayChallenger (M)
Week 02
W25 Hamburg, Wk. 22021-01-11 32Indoor HardChallenger (M)
W15 Cairo, Wk. 22021-01-11 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Antalya, Wk. 22021-01-11 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Monastir, Wk. 22021-01-11 32HardChallenger (M)
Week 03
W15 Cairo, Wk. 32021-01-18 32ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Fujairah, Wk. 32021-01-18 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Monastir, Wk. 32021-01-18 HardChallenger (M)
W15 Manacor, Wk. 32021-01-18 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Antalya, Wk. 32021-01-18 32ClayChallenger (M)
Week 04
W60 Andrezieux-Boutheon, Wk. 42021-01-25 32Indoor HardChallenger (M)
W15 Manacor, Wk. 42021-01-25 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Antalya, Wk. 42021-01-25 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Cairo, Wk. 42021-01-25 32ClayChallenger (M)
W60 Rome, Wk. 42021-01-25 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Monastir, Wk. 42021-01-25 HardChallenger (M)
Week 05
W15 Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 52021-02-01 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Manacor, Wk. 52021-02-01 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Monastir, Wk. 52021-02-01 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Antalya, Wk. 52021-02-01 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Shymkent, Wk. 52021-02-01 32Indoor HardChallenger (M)
Week 06
W15 Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 62021-02-08 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Shymkent, Wk. 62021-02-08 32Indoor HardChallenger (M)
W15 Antalya, Wk. 62021-02-08 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Monastir, Wk. 62021-02-08 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Villena, Wk. 62021-02-08 32HardChallenger (M)
W25 Potchefstroom, Wk. 62021-02-08 32HardChallenger (M)
W25 Grenoble, Wk. 62021-02-08 32Indoor HardChallenger (M)
Week 07
W25 Altenkirchen, Wk. 72021-02-15 32CarpetChallenger (M)
W15 Antalya, Wk. 72021-02-15 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 72021-02-15 32HardChallenger (M)
W25 Potchefstroom, Wk. 72021-02-15 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Monastir, Wk. 72021-02-15 32HardChallenger (M)
W25 Orlando, Wk. 72021-02-15 32HardChallenger (M)
Week 08
W25 Poitiers, Wk. 82021-02-22 32Indoor HardChallenger (M)
W15 Moscow, Wk. 82021-02-22 32Indoor HardChallenger (M)
W15 Antalya, Wk. 82021-02-22 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 82021-02-22 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Monastir, Wk. 82021-02-22 32HardChallenger (M)
Australia - Australia, Wk. 82021-02-22 32HardChallenger (M)
W25 Boca Raton, Wk. 82021-02-22 32HardChallenger (M)
Week 09
W15 Antalya, Wk. 92021-03-01 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Monastir, Wk. 92021-03-01 32HardChallenger (M)
W25 Newport Beach, Wk. 92021-03-01 32HardChallenger (M)
W25 Manacor, Wk. 92021-03-01 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 92021-03-01 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 New Delhi, Wk. 92021-03-01 32HardChallenger (M)
Week 10
W15+H Amiens, Wk. 102021-03-08 32ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Kazan, Wk. 102021-03-08 32Indoor HardChallenger (M)
W15 Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 102021-03-08 32HardChallenger (M)
W25 Pune, Wk. 102021-03-08 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Monastir, Wk. 102021-03-08 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Manacor, Wk. 102021-03-08 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Antalya, Wk. 102021-03-08 32ClayChallenger (M)
Week 11
W15 Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 112021-03-15 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Antalya, Wk. 112021-03-15 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Monastir, Wk. 112021-03-15 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Gonesse, Wk. 112021-03-15 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Bratislava, Wk. 112021-03-15 32Indoor HardChallenger (M)
Week 12
W15 Le Havre, Wk. 122021-03-22 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Antalya, Wk. 122021-03-22 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Monastir, Wk. 122021-03-22 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 122021-03-22 32HardChallenger (M)
W25 Buenos Aires, Wk. 122021-03-22 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Buenos Aires, Wk. 122021-03-22 ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Bratislava, Wk. 122021-03-22 32Indoor HardChallenger (M)
Week 13
W15 Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 132021-03-29 32HardChallenger (M)
W25 Villa Maria, Wk. 132021-03-29 32ClayChallenger (M)
W60 Croissy-Beaubourg, Wk. 132021-03-29 Indoor HardChallenger (M)
W15 Monastir, Wk. 132021-03-29 32HardChallenger (M)
W25 Dubai, Wk. 132021-03-29 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Antalya, Wk. 132021-03-29 32ClayChallenger (M)
Week 14
W15 Antalya, Wk. 142021-04-05 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Monastir, Wk. 142021-04-05 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Shymkent, Wk. 142021-04-05 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 142021-04-05 32HardChallenger (M)
W25 Cordoba, Wk. 142021-04-05 32ClayChallenger (M)
W60 Bellinzona, Wk. 142021-04-05 64ClayChallenger (M)
Week 15
W15 Monastir, Wk. 152021-04-12 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Cairo, Wk. 152021-04-12 32ClayChallenger (M)
W60 Oeiras, Wk. 152021-04-12 64ClayChallenger (M)
Kunming Open - Anning, Wk. 152021-04-12 ClayChallenger (M)
W25+H Calvi, Wk. 152021-04-12 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Shymkent, Wk. 152021-04-12 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Antalya, Wk. 152021-04-12 32ClayChallenger (M)
Week 16
W15 Antalya, Wk. 162021-04-19 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Monastir, Wk. 162021-04-19 32HardChallenger (M)
W25 Oeiras, Wk. 162021-04-19 64ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Cairo, Wk. 162021-04-19 32ClayChallenger (M)
Week 17
W60 Zagreb, Wk. 172021-04-26 32ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Oeiras, Wk. 172021-04-26 64ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Antalya, Wk. 172021-04-26 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Cairo, Wk. 172021-04-26 32ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Jhajjar, Wk. 172021-04-26 ClayChallenger (M)
W60 Charlottesville, Wk. 172021-04-26 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Medellin, Wk. 172021-04-26 ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Monastir, Wk. 172021-04-26 32HardChallenger (M)
Week 18
Open 35 de Saint-Malo - Saint-Malo, Wk. 182021-05-03 32ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Salinas, Wk. 182021-05-03 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Cairo, Wk. 182021-05-03 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Ramat Hasharon, Wk. 182021-05-03 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Antalya, Wk. 182021-05-03 32ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Prague, Wk. 182021-05-03 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Monastir, Wk. 182021-05-03 32HardChallenger (M)
W100 Charleston, Wk. 182021-05-03 32ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Naples, Wk. 182021-05-03 32ClayChallenger (M)
Week 19
W15 Jerusalem, Wk. 192021-05-10 32HardChallenger (M)
W60 Saint-Gaudens, Wk. 192021-05-10 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Antalya, Wk. 192021-05-10 32ClayChallenger (M)
W60+H La Bisbal D'Emporda, Wk. 192021-05-10 32ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Salinas, Wk. 192021-05-10 32HardChallenger (M)
W100 Bonita Springs, Wk. 192021-05-10 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Monastir, Wk. 192021-05-10 32HardChallenger (M)
Week 20
W15 Heraklion, Wk. 202021-05-17 32ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Medellin, Wk. 202021-05-17 ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Incheon, Wk. 202021-05-17 HardChallenger (M)
W15 Sibenik, Wk. 202021-05-17 32ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Platja D'Aro, Wk. 202021-05-17 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Tbilisi, Wk. 202021-05-17 32HardChallenger (M)
W25 Pelham, Wk. 202021-05-17 64ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Monastir, Wk. 202021-05-17 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Bol, Wk. 202021-05-17 ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Antalya, Wk. 202021-05-17 32ClayChallenger (M)
Week 21
W15 Heraklion, Wk. 212021-05-24 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Tucepi, Wk. 212021-05-24 ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Antalya, Wk. 212021-05-24 32ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Otocec, Wk. 212021-05-24 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Monastir, Wk. 212021-05-24 32HardChallenger (M)
W60 Charleston, Wk. 212021-05-24 ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Santa Margarita de Montbui, Wk. 212021-05-24 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Shymkent, Wk. 212021-05-24 32ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Liepaja, Wk. 212021-05-24 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Ibague, Wk. 212021-05-24 ClayChallenger (M)
Week 22
W15 Shymkent, Wk. 222021-05-31 32ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Grado, Wk. 222021-05-31 32ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Santo Domingo, Wk. 222021-05-31 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Banja Luka, Wk. 222021-05-31 32ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Otocec, Wk. 222021-05-31 32ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Kazan, Wk. 222021-05-31 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Monastir, Wk. 222021-05-31 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Heraklion, Wk. 222021-05-31 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Antalya, Wk. 222021-05-31 32ClayChallenger (M)
Week 23
Croatia Bol Open - Bol, Wk. 232021-06-07 32ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Daegu, Wk. 232021-06-07 HardChallenger (M)
W15 Antalya, Wk. 232021-06-07 32ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Montemor-O-Novo, Wk. 232021-06-07 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Heraklion, Wk. 232021-06-07 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Monastir, Wk. 232021-06-07 32HardChallenger (M)
W25 Madrid, Wk. 232021-06-07 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Vilnius, Wk. 232021-06-07 32Indoor HardChallenger (M)
W25 Santo Domingo, Wk. 232021-06-07 32HardChallenger (M)
Week 24
W25 Jonkoping, Wk. 242021-06-14 32ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Sumter, Wk. 242021-06-14 32HardChallenger (M)
W25 Madrid, Wk. 242021-06-14 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Monastir, Wk. 242021-06-14 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Antalya, Wk. 242021-06-14 32ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Denain, Wk. 242021-06-14 32ClayChallenger (M)
W25+H Figueira Da Foz, Wk. 242021-06-14 32HardChallenger (M)
W100+H Nottingham, Wk. 242021-06-14 32GrassChallenger (M)
W60 Stare Splavy, Wk. 242021-06-14 32ClayChallenger (M)
Week 25
W60 Charleston, Wk. 252021-06-21 32ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Porto, Wk. 252021-06-21 32HardChallenger (M)
W25 Klosters, Wk. 252021-06-21 64ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Monastir, Wk. 252021-06-21 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 L'aquila, Wk. 252021-06-21 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Antalya, Wk. 252021-06-21 32ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Perigueux, Wk. 252021-06-21 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Alkmaar, Wk. 252021-06-21 32ClayChallenger (M)
Week 26
W60 Montpellier, Wk. 262021-06-28 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Antalya, Wk. 262021-06-28 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Monastir, Wk. 262021-06-28 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Prokuplje, Wk. 262021-06-28 32ClayChallenger (M)
W25 The Hague, Wk. 262021-06-28 32ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Wroclaw, Wk. 262021-06-28 64ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Palma del Rio, Wk. 262021-06-28 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Wroclaw, Wk. 262021-06-28 ClayChallenger (M)
Week 27
Nordea Open - Bastad, Wk. 272021-07-05 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Prokuplje, Wk. 272021-07-05 32ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Lisbon, Wk. 272021-07-05 32HardChallenger (M)
W25 Torino, Wk. 272021-07-05 32ClayChallenger (M)
W60 Amstelveen, Wk. 272021-07-05 32ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Nur-Sultan, Wk. 272021-07-05 32HardChallenger (M)
W100 Contrexeville, Wk. 272021-07-05 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Monastir, Wk. 272021-07-05 32HardChallenger (M)
Week 28
W25 Telavi, Wk. 282021-07-12 64ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Evansville, Wk. 282021-07-12 32HardChallenger (M)
W60 Vitoria-Gasteiz, Wk. 282021-07-12 32HardChallenger (M)
W60 Biarritz, Wk. 282021-07-12 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Almada, Wk. 282021-07-12 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Monastir, Wk. 282021-07-12 32HardChallenger (M)
W25 Tarvisio, Wk. 282021-07-12 32ClayChallenger (M)
W60 Nur-Sultan, Wk. 282021-07-12 32HardChallenger (M)
Week 29
W25 Les Contamines-Montjoie, Wk. 292021-07-19 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Amarante, Wk. 292021-07-19 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Moscow, Wk. 292021-07-19 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Don Benito, Wk. 292021-07-19 32CarpetChallenger (M)
W25 Telavi, Wk. 292021-07-19 64ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Monastir, Wk. 292021-07-19 32HardChallenger (M)
W15 Cairo, Wk. 292021-07-19 32ClayChallenger (M)
W60 Olomouc, Wk. 292021-07-19 32ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Kyiv, Wk. 292021-07-19 32ClayChallenger (M)
Week 30
W15 Knokke, Wk. 302021-07-26 ClayChallenger (M)
Belgrade - Belgrade, Wk. 302021-07-26 32ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Monastir, Wk. 302021-07-26 HardChallenger (M)
Charleston - Charleston, Wk. 302021-07-26 ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Cordenons, Wk. 302021-07-26 ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Cairo, Wk. 302021-07-26 ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Parnu, Wk. 302021-07-26 ClayChallenger (M)
W60 Versmold, Wk. 302021-07-26 ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Vejle, Wk. 302021-07-26 ClayChallenger (M)
W60 Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Wk. 302021-07-26 ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Savitaipale, Wk. 302021-07-26 ClayChallenger (M)
Week 31
W25 Parnu, Wk. 312021-08-02 ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Pescara, Wk. 312021-08-02 ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Frederiksberg, Wk. 312021-08-02 ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Cairo, Wk. 312021-08-02 ClayChallenger (M)
Concord - Concord, Wk. 312021-08-02 HardChallenger (M)
W25 Bydgoszcz, Wk. 312021-08-02 ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Monastir, Wk. 312021-08-02 HardChallenger (M)
Week 32
W25 Koksijde, Wk. 322021-08-09 ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Radom, Wk. 322021-08-09 ClayChallenger (M)
W60 San Bartolome de Tirajana, Wk. 322021-08-09 ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Bratislava, Wk. 322021-08-09 ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Monastir, Wk. 322021-08-09 HardChallenger (M)
Week 33
W15 Erwitte, Wk. 332021-08-16 ClayChallenger (M)
W60 San Bartolome de Tirajana, Wk. 332021-08-16 ClayChallenger (M)
Chicago - Chicago, Wk. 332021-08-16 HardChallenger (M)
W15 Monastir, Wk. 332021-08-16 HardChallenger (M)
W25 Vrnjacka Banja, Wk. 332021-08-16 ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Warmbad-Villach, Wk. 332021-08-16 ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Oldenzaal, Wk. 332021-08-16 ClayChallenger (M)
Week 34
W15 Monastir, Wk. 342021-08-23 HardChallenger (M)
W15 Chornomorsk, Wk. 342021-08-23 ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Braunschweig, Wk. 342021-08-23 ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Verbier, Wk. 342021-08-23 ClayChallenger (M)
W15 Bad Waltersdorf, Wk. 342021-08-23 ClayChallenger (M)
W60 Prerov, Wk. 342021-08-23 ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Vigo, Wk. 342021-08-23 HardChallenger (M)
W15 Wanfercee-Baulet, Wk. 342021-08-23 ClayChallenger (M)
W25 Almaty, Wk. 342021-08-23 HardChallenger (M)

WTA Tennis Tour Calendar 2021, including Grand Slam calendar, Masters events calendar, WTA Challengers & ITF Futures calendar 2021.