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NameDate SizeSurfaceCategory
Week 01
ATP Cup2022-01-03 16Hard (M)
Forli Challenger2022-01-03 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Bendigo Challenger2022-01-03 64HardFutures (M)
Traralgon Challenger2022-01-03 64HardFutures (M)
M25 Monastir, Wk. 12022-01-03 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Cairo, Wk. 12022-01-03 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Manacor, Wk. 12022-01-03 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Chiang Rai, Wk. 12022-01-03 HardChallenger (M)
Adelaide International2022-01-03 32HardATP
Adelaide International 12022-01-03 32HardATP
Week 02
Forli 2 Challenger2022-01-10 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Florianopolis Challenger2022-01-10 32ClayFutures (M)
M15 Monastir, Wk. 22022-01-10 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Cairo, Wk. 22022-01-10 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Antalya, Wk. 22022-01-10 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15+H Bagnoles de l'Orne, Wk. 22022-01-10 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Monastir, Wk. 22022-01-10 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Manacor, Wk. 22022-01-10 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Bath, Wk. 22022-01-10 32Indoor HardChallenger (M)
M15 Chiang Rai, Wk. 22022-01-10 HardChallenger (M)
Sydney2022-01-10 32HardATP
Adelaide International 22022-01-10 32HardATP
Week 03
M15 Cairo, Wk. 32022-01-17 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Kazan, Wk. 32022-01-17 32Indoor HardChallenger (M)
M15 Monastir, Wk. 32022-01-17 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Chiang Rai, Wk. 32022-01-17 HardChallenger (M)
M15 Doha, Wk. 32022-01-17 HardChallenger (M)
M15 Cancun, Wk. 32022-01-17 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Vilnius, Wk. 32022-01-17 32Indoor HardChallenger (M)
M15 Antalya, Wk. 32022-01-17 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15+H Bressuire, Wk. 32022-01-17 Indoor HardChallenger (M)
M25 Monastir, Wk. 32022-01-17 32HardChallenger (M)
Australian Open2022-01-17 128HardATP
Week 04
Orleans Challenger2022-01-24 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Colombus Challenger2022-01-24 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
M25 Weston, Wk. 42022-01-24 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Monastir, Wk. 42022-01-24 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Cancun, Wk. 42022-01-24 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Monastir, Wk. 42022-01-24 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Chiang Rai, Wk. 42022-01-24 HardChallenger (M)
M25 Cairo, Wk. 42022-01-24 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Antalya, Wk. 42022-01-24 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Doha, Wk. 42022-01-24 HardChallenger (M)
M25 Loughborough, Wk. 42022-01-24 32Indoor HardChallenger (M)
Australian Open (juniors)2022-01-24 Hard (M)
Week 05
Bayamon Challenger2022-01-31 HardFutures (M)
Cleveland Challenger2022-01-31 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
M15 Doha, Wk. 52022-01-31 HardChallenger (M)
M25 Sharm ElSheikh, Wk. 52022-01-31 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Villena, Wk. 52022-01-31 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Campos do Jordao, Wk. 52022-01-31 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Cancun, Wk. 52022-01-31 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Monastir, Wk. 52022-01-31 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Antalya, Wk. 52022-01-31 32ClayChallenger (M)
Montpellier2022-01-31 32Indoor HardATP
Cordoba2022-01-31 32ClayATP
Tata Maharashtra2022-01-31 32HardATP
Week 06
Cherbourg Challenger2022-02-07 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Bengalaru Challenger2022-02-07 32HardFutures (M)
M25 Sharm ElSheikh, Wk. 62022-02-07 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Grenoble, Wk. 62022-02-07 32Indoor HardChallenger (M)
M15 Punta Cana, Wk. 62022-02-07 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Shrewsbury, Wk. 62022-02-07 32Indoor HardChallenger (M)
M15 Antalya, Wk. 62022-02-07 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Naples, Wk. 62022-02-07 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Cancun, Wk. 62022-02-07 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Canberra, Wk. 62022-02-07 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Monastir, Wk. 62022-02-07 32HardChallenger (M)
Rotterdam2022-02-07 32Indoor HardATP
Buenos Aires2022-02-07 32ClayATP
Dallas2022-02-07 32Indoor HardATP
Week 07
Bengalaru 2 Challenger2022-02-14 32HardFutures (M)
Forli 3 Challenger2022-02-14 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
M15 Naples, Wk. 72022-02-14 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Punta Cana, Wk. 72022-02-14 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Cancun, Wk. 72022-02-14 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Canberra, Wk. 72022-02-14 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Sharm ElSheikh, Wk. 72022-02-14 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Oberhaching, Wk. 72022-02-14 32Indoor HardChallenger (M)
M25 Antalya, Wk. 72022-02-14 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Monastir, Wk. 72022-02-14 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Glasgow, Wk. 72022-02-14 32Indoor HardChallenger (M)
Doha2022-02-14 32HardATP
Marseille2022-02-14 32Indoor HardATP
Delray Beach2022-02-14 32HardATP
Rio De Janeiro2022-02-14 32ClayATP
Week 08
Pau Challenger2022-02-21 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
M15 Monastir, Wk. 82022-02-21 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Nur-Sultan, Wk. 82022-02-21 32Indoor HardChallenger (M)
M25 Santo Domingo, Wk. 82022-02-21 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Vale do Lobo, Wk. 82022-02-21 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Sharm ElSheikh, Wk. 82022-02-21 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Antalya, Wk. 82022-02-21 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Naples, Wk. 82022-02-21 32ClayChallenger (M)
Dubai2022-02-21 32HardATP
Santiago2022-02-21 32ClayATP
Acapulco2022-02-21 32HardATP
Week 09
Quito Challenger2022-02-28 ClayFutures (M)
Moscow Challenger2022-02-28 Indoor HardFutures (M)
Turin Challenger2022-02-28 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Gran Canaria 2 Challenger2022-02-28 32ClayFutures (M)
Davis Cup, Qualifiers, 1R, BRA2022-02-28 Clay (M)
Davis Cup, Qualifiers, 1R, ARG2022-02-28 Clay (M)
Davis Cup, Qualifiers, 1R, AUS2022-02-28 Hard (M)
Davis Cup, Qualifiers, 1R, ESP2022-02-28 Clay (M)
Davis Cup, Qualifiers, 1R, FIN2022-02-28 Indoor Hard (M)
Davis Cup, Qualifiers, 1R, FRA2022-02-28 Indoor Hard (M)
Davis Cup, Qualifiers, 1R, KOR2022-02-28 Indoor Hard (M)
Davis Cup, Qualifiers, 1R, NED2022-02-28 Clay (M)
Davis Cup, Qualifiers, 1R, NOR2022-02-28 Indoor Hard (M)
Davis Cup, Qualifiers, 1R, SVK2022-02-28 Indoor Hard (M)
Davis Cup, Qualifiers, 1R, SWE2022-02-28 Indoor Hard (M)
Davis Cup, Qualifiers, 1R, USA2022-02-28 Indoor Hard (M)
M25 Santo Domingo, Wk. 92022-02-28 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Torello, Wk. 92022-02-28 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Faro, Wk. 92022-02-28 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Antalya, Wk. 92022-02-28 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Trento, Wk. 92022-02-28 32Indoor HardChallenger (M)
M25 Nur-Sultan, Wk. 92022-02-28 32Indoor HardChallenger (M)
M15 Sharm ElSheikh, Wk. 92022-02-28 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Bendigo, Wk. 92022-02-28 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Monastir, Wk. 92022-02-28 32HardChallenger (M)
Week 10
BNP Paribas2022-03-07 128HardATP
Roseto Degli Abruzzi 1 Challenger2022-03-07 32ClayFutures (M)
Santiago Challenger2022-03-07 32ClayFutures (M)
Monterrey Challenger2022-03-07 32HardFutures (M)
M25 Bendigo, Wk. 102022-03-07 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Portimao, Wk. 102022-03-07 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Sharm ElSheikh, Wk. 102022-03-07 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Monastir, Wk. 102022-03-07 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Porec, Wk. 102022-03-07 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Creteil, Wk. 102022-03-07 32Indoor HardChallenger (M)
M15 Bhopal, Wk. 102022-03-07 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Antalya, Wk. 102022-03-07 32ClayChallenger (M)
Week 11
Concepcion Challenger2022-03-14 32ClayFutures (M)
Phoenix Challenger2022-03-14 32HardFutures (M)
Roseto Degli Abruzzi 2 Challenger2022-03-14 32ClayFutures (M)
M15 Marrakech, Wk. 112022-03-14 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Monastir, Wk. 112022-03-14 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Poitiers, Wk. 112022-03-14 32Indoor HardChallenger (M)
M25 Trimbach, Wk. 112022-03-14 32CarpetChallenger (M)
M25 Rovinj, Wk. 112022-03-14 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Bengaluru, Wk. 112022-03-14 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Loule, Wk. 112022-03-14 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Sharm ElSheikh, Wk. 112022-03-14 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Antalya, Wk. 112022-03-14 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Palmanova, Wk. 112022-03-14 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Bakersfield, Wk. 112022-03-14 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Anapoima, Wk. 112022-03-14 32ClayChallenger (M)
Week 12
Miami Masters2022-03-21 128HardATP
Zadar Challenger2022-03-21 32ClayFutures (M)
Santa Cruz de la Sierra Challenger2022-03-21 32ClayFutures (M)
Biel Challenger2022-03-21 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Lille Challenger2022-03-21 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
M25 Quinta Do Lago, Wk. 122022-03-21 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Monastir, Wk. 122022-03-21 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Opatija, Wk. 122022-03-21 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Calabasas, Wk. 122022-03-21 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Antalya, Wk. 122022-03-21 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Sharm ElSheikh, Wk. 122022-03-21 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Toulouse-Balma, Wk. 122022-03-21 32Indoor HardChallenger (M)
M15 Palmanova, Wk. 122022-03-21 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Medellin, Wk. 122022-03-21 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Canberra, Wk. 122022-03-21 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Marrakech, Wk. 122022-03-21 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 New Delhi, Wk. 122022-03-21 32HardChallenger (M)
Week 13
Lugano Challenger2022-03-28 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Marbella Challenger2022-03-28 32ClayFutures (M)
St. Brieuc Challenger2022-03-28 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Oeiras 1 Challenger2022-03-28 32ClayFutures (M)
Pereira Challenger2022-03-28 32ClayFutures (M)
M25 Rosario, Wk. 132022-03-28 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Sharm ElSheikh, Wk. 132022-03-28 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Monastir, Wk. 132022-03-28 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Canberra, Wk. 132022-03-28 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Antalya, Wk. 132022-03-28 32ClayChallenger (M)
Week 14
Mexico City Challenger2022-04-04 32ClayFutures (M)
Salinas Challenger2022-04-04 32HardFutures (M)
Sanremo Challenger2022-04-04 32ClayFutures (M)
Murcia Challenger2022-04-04 32ClayFutures (M)
M15 Antalya, Wk. 142022-04-04 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Sharm ElSheikh, Wk. 142022-04-04 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Dubrovnik, Wk. 142022-04-04 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Monastir, Wk. 142022-04-04 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Rosario, Wk. 142022-04-04 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Reus, Wk. 142022-04-04 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Chiang Rai, Wk. 142022-04-04 32HardChallenger (M)
Casablanca2022-04-04 32ClayATP
US Mens Clay Court Championship2022-04-04 32ClayATP
Week 15
Monte Carlo Masters2022-04-11 64ClayATP
Sarasota Challenger2022-04-11 32ClayFutures (M)
Madrid Challenger2022-04-11 32ClayFutures (M)
San Luis Potosi Challenger2022-04-11 32ClayFutures (M)
Barletta Challenger2022-04-11 32ClayFutures (M)
M15 Monastir, Wk. 152022-04-11 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Sunrise, Wk. 152022-04-11 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Nottingham, Wk. 152022-04-11 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Cairo, Wk. 152022-04-11 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Antalya, Wk. 152022-04-11 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Santa Margherita di Pula, Wk. 152022-04-11 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Chiang Rai, Wk. 152022-04-11 32HardChallenger (M)
Week 16
Split Challenger2022-04-18 32ClayFutures (M)
Prague 1 Challenger2022-04-18 32ClayFutures (M)
Tallahassee Challenger2022-04-18 32ClayFutures (M)
Aguascalientes Challenger2022-04-18 32ClayFutures (M)
M15 Cairo, Wk. 162022-04-18 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Angers, Wk. 162022-04-18 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Chiang Rai, Wk. 162022-04-18 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Shymkent, Wk. 162022-04-18 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Nottingham, Wk. 162022-04-18 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Vyshkovo, Wk. 162022-04-18 ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Monastir, Wk. 162022-04-18 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Santa Margherita di Pula, Wk. 162022-04-18 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Orange Park, Wk. 162022-04-18 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Antalya, Wk. 162022-04-18 32ClayChallenger (M)
Hungarian2022-04-18 32ClayATP
Barcelona Banc Sabadell2022-04-18 64ClayATP
Week 17
Savannah Challenger2022-04-25 32ClayFutures (M)
Rome 1 Challenger2022-04-25 32ClayFutures (M)
Ostrava Challenger2022-04-25 32ClayFutures (M)
Morelos Challenger2022-04-25 32HardFutures (M)
Buenos Aires Challenger2022-04-25 32ClayFutures (M)
M25 Santa Margherita di Pula, Wk. 172022-04-25 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Split, Wk. 172022-04-25 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Cairo, Wk. 172022-04-25 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Antalya, Wk. 172022-04-25 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Vero Beach, Wk. 172022-04-25 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Shymkent, Wk. 172022-04-25 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Monastir, Wk. 172022-04-25 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Chiang Rai, Wk. 172022-04-25 32HardChallenger (M)
Munich2022-04-25 32ClayATP
Estoril2022-04-25 32ClayATP
Week 18
Madrid Masters2022-05-02 64ClayATP
Prague Ii Challenger2022-05-02 32ClayFutures (M)
Salvador De Bahia Challenger2022-05-02 32ClayFutures (M)
Mauthausen Challenger2022-05-02 32ClayFutures (M)
Aix En Provence Challenger2022-05-02 32ClayFutures (M)
M25 Santa Margherita di Pula, Wk. 182022-05-02 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Ulcinj, Wk. 182022-05-02 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Meerbusch, Wk. 182022-05-02 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Antalya, Wk. 182022-05-02 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Nottingham, Wk. 182022-05-02 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Cairo, Wk. 182022-05-02 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Monastir, Wk. 182022-05-02 32HardChallenger (M)
Week 19
Rome Masters2022-05-09 64ClayATP
Shymkent Challenger2022-05-09 32ClayFutures (M)
Heilbronn Challenger2022-05-09 32ClayFutures (M)
Coquimbo Challenger2022-05-09 32ClayFutures (M)
Bordeaux Challenger2022-05-09 32ClayFutures (M)
Zagreb Challenger2022-05-09 32ClayFutures (M)
M15 Cancun, Wk. 192022-05-09 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Doboj, Wk. 192022-05-09 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Cairo, Wk. 192022-05-09 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Antalya, Wk. 192022-05-09 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Valldoreix, Wk. 192022-05-09 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Monastir, Wk. 192022-05-09 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Kalmar, Wk. 192022-05-09 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Prague, Wk. 192022-05-09 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Nottingham, Wk. 192022-05-09 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Ulcinj, Wk. 192022-05-09 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Santa Margherita di Pula, Wk. 192022-05-09 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Heraklion, Wk. 192022-05-09 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Monastir, Wk. 192022-05-09 32HardChallenger (M)
Week 20
Tunis Challenger2022-05-16 32ClayFutures (M)
Shymkent 2 Challenger2022-05-16 32ClayFutures (M)
Francavilla Challenger2022-05-16 32ClayFutures (M)
M15 Warmbad Villach, Wk. 202022-05-16 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Oran, Wk. 202022-05-16 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Akko, Wk. 202022-05-16 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Antalya, Wk. 202022-05-16 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Cairo, Wk. 202022-05-16 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Heraklion, Wk. 202022-05-16 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Kouvola, Wk. 202022-05-16 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Most, Wk. 202022-05-16 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Monastir, Wk. 202022-05-16 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Prijedor, Wk. 202022-05-16 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Monastir, Wk. 202022-05-16 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Osijek, Wk. 202022-05-16 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Ulcinj, Wk. 202022-05-16 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Vic, Wk. 202022-05-16 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Cancun, Wk. 202022-05-16 32HardChallenger (M)
Lyon2022-05-16 32ClayATP
Gonet Geneva2022-05-16 32ClayATP
Week 21
Troisdorf Challenger2022-05-23 32ClayFutures (M)
Vicenza Challenger2022-05-23 32ClayFutures (M)
M15 Oran, Wk. 212022-05-23 ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Cancun, Wk. 212022-05-23 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Brcko, Wk. 212022-05-23 ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Mataro, Wk. 212022-05-23 ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Monastir, Wk. 212022-05-23 HardChallenger (M)
M25 Netanya, Wk. 212022-05-23 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Quito, Wk. 212022-05-23 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Jablonec nad Nisou, Wk. 212022-05-23 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Heraklion, Wk. 212022-05-23 HardChallenger (M)
M15 Antalya, Wk. 212022-05-23 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Bucharest, Wk. 212022-05-23 ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Ulcinj, Wk. 212022-05-23 ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Monastir, Wk. 212022-05-23 HardChallenger (M)
FO - RG2022-05-23 128ClayATP
Week 22
Prostejov Challenger2022-05-30 32ClayFutures (M)
Forli 5 Challenger2022-05-30 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Little Rock Challenger2022-05-30 32HardFutures (M)
Poznan Challenger2022-05-30 32ClayFutures (M)
Surbiton Challenger2022-05-30 32GrassFutures (M)
M15 Quito, Wk. 222022-05-30 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Rancho Santa Fe, Wk. 222022-05-30 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Tay Ninh, Wk. 222022-05-30 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 La Nucia, Wk. 222022-05-30 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Heraklion, Wk. 222022-05-30 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Chiang Rai, Wk. 222022-05-30 HardChallenger (M)
M25 Kiseljak, Wk. 222022-05-30 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Monastir, Wk. 222022-05-30 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Budva, Wk. 222022-05-30 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Cancun, Wk. 222022-05-30 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Chiang Rai, Wk. 222022-05-30 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Vaasa, Wk. 222022-05-30 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Harmon, Wk. 222022-05-30 32HardChallenger (M)
French Open (juniors)2022-05-30 Clay (M)
Week 23
Bratislava Challenger2022-06-06 32ClayFutures (M)
Perugia Challenger2022-06-06 32ClayFutures (M)
Waco Challenger2022-06-06 32HardFutures (M)
Nottingham 2 Challenger2022-06-06 32GrassFutures (M)
Lyon Challenger2022-06-06 32ClayFutures (M)
M25 Chiang Rai, Wk. 232022-06-06 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Tay Ninh, Wk. 232022-06-06 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Skopje, Wk. 232022-06-06 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Monastir, Wk. 232022-06-06 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Frascati, Wk. 232022-06-06 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Bytom, Wk. 232022-06-06 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Sarajevo, Wk. 232022-06-06 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Budva, Wk. 232022-06-06 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Cordoba, Wk. 232022-06-06 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 East Lansing, Wk. 232022-06-06 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Quito, Wk. 232022-06-06 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 San Diego, Wk. 232022-06-06 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Harmon, Wk. 232022-06-06 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Santo Domingo, Wk. 232022-06-06 32HardChallenger (M)
Libema2022-06-06 32GrassATP
Stuttgart2022-06-06 32GrassATP
Week 24
Montechiarugolo2022-06-13 32ClayFutures (M)
Ilkley Challenger2022-06-13 32GrassFutures (M)
Corrientes Challenger2022-06-13 32ClayFutures (M)
Blois Challenger2022-06-13 32ClayFutures (M)
M15 San Diego, Wk. 242022-06-13 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Chieti, Wk. 242022-06-13 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Raanana, Wk. 242022-06-13 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Grasse, Wk. 242022-06-13 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Monastir, Wk. 242022-06-13 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Tay Ninh, Wk. 242022-06-13 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Chiang Rai, Wk. 242022-06-13 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Skopje, Wk. 242022-06-13 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Duffel, Wk. 242022-06-13 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Quito, Wk. 242022-06-13 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Wichita, Wk. 242022-06-13 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Martos, Wk. 242022-06-13 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Santo Domingo, Wk. 242022-06-13 32HardChallenger (M)
Noventi2022-06-13 32GrassATP
Fever2022-06-13 32GrassATP
Week 25
Milan Challenger2022-06-20 32ClayFutures (M)
Oeiras 1 Challenger2022-06-20 32ClayFutures (M)
Villa Allende Challenger2022-06-20 32ClayFutures (M)
M15 Alkmaar, Wk. 252022-06-20 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Raanana, Wk. 252022-06-20 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Chiang Rai, Wk. 252022-06-20 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 South Bend, Wk. 252022-06-20 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Mungia, Wk. 252022-06-20 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Tulsa, Wk. 252022-06-20 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Kamen, Wk. 252022-06-20 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Klosters, Wk. 252022-06-20 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Montauban, Wk. 252022-06-20 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Arlon, Wk. 252022-06-20 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Monastir, Wk. 252022-06-20 32HardChallenger (M)
Nature Valley International2022-06-20 32GrassATP
Mallorca Championships2022-06-20 32GrassATP
Week 26
Troyes Challenger2022-06-27 32ClayFutures (M)
Quito Challenger2022-06-27 32ClayFutures (M)
Malaga Challenger2022-06-27 32HardFutures (M)
Luedenscheid Challenger2022-06-27 32ClayFutures (M)
M15 Bergamo, Wk. 262022-06-27 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Monastir, Wk. 262022-06-27 32HardChallenger (M)
M15 Bern, Wk. 262022-06-27 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Bakio, Wk. 262022-06-27 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Bourg-en-Bresse, Wk. 262022-06-27 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Los Angeles, Wk. 262022-06-27 32HardChallenger (M)
M25 Den Haag, Wk. 262022-06-27 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Wroclaw, Wk. 262022-06-27 32ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Poprad, Wk. 262022-06-27 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Belgrade, Wk. 262022-06-27 32ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Poprad, Wk. 262022-06-27 ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Dallas, Wk. 262022-06-27 32HardChallenger (M)
Wimbledon2022-06-27 128GrassATP
Week 27
Bogota Challenger2022-07-04 ClayFutures (M)
Salzburg2022-07-04 ClayFutures (M)
Porto Challenger2022-07-04 HardFutures (M)
Braunschweig Challenger2022-07-04 ClayFutures (M)
Todi Challenger2022-07-04 ClayFutures (M)
M15 Velenje, Wk. 272022-07-04 ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Sofia, Wk. 272022-07-04 ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Casinalbo, Wk. 272022-07-04 ClayChallenger (M)
M25+H Ajaccio, Wk. 272022-07-04 HardChallenger (M)
M15 Casablanca, Wk. 272022-07-04 ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Waco, Wk. 272022-07-04 HardChallenger (M)
M25 Marburg, Wk. 272022-07-04 ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Fountain Valley, Wk. 272022-07-04 HardChallenger (M)
M25 Getxo, Wk. 272022-07-04 ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Monastir, Wk. 272022-07-04 HardChallenger (M)
Wimbledon (juniors)2022-07-04 Grass (M)
Week 28
Verona Challenger2022-07-11 ClayFutures (M)
Rome Challenger2022-07-11 Indoor HardFutures (M)
Amersfoort Challenger2022-07-11 ClayFutures (M)
Iasi Challenger2022-07-11 ClayFutures (M)
M15 Aprilia, Wk. 282022-07-11 ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Idanha-a-Nova, Wk. 282022-07-11 HardChallenger (M)
M25+H Kassel, Wk. 282022-07-11 ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Monastir, Wk. 282022-07-11 HardChallenger (M)
M25 Uriage, Wk. 282022-07-11 ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Litija, Wk. 282022-07-11 ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Telfs, Wk. 282022-07-11 ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Lakewood, Wk. 282022-07-11 HardChallenger (M)
M25 Roehampton, Wk. 282022-07-11 GrassChallenger (M)
M15 Pittsburgh, Wk. 282022-07-11 ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Casablanca, Wk. 282022-07-11 ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Cancun, Wk. 282022-07-11 HardChallenger (M)
M25 Nur-Sultan, Wk. 282022-07-11 HardChallenger (M)
Newport2022-07-11 GrassATP
Nordea2022-07-11 ClayATP
Week 29
Tampere Challenger2022-07-18 ClayFutures (M)
Trieste Challenger2022-07-18 ClayFutures (M)
Pozoblanco Challenger2022-07-18 HardFutures (M)
Nur2022-07-18 HardFutures (M)
Indianapolis Challenger2022-07-18 Indoor HardFutures (M)
M15 Colombo, Wk. 292022-07-18 ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Cancun, Wk. 292022-07-18 HardChallenger (M)
M25 Radomlje, Wk. 292022-07-18 ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Champaign, Wk. 292022-07-18 HardChallenger (M)
M25 Idanha-a-Nova, Wk. 292022-07-18 HardChallenger (M)
M15 Gubbio, Wk. 292022-07-18 ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Gandia, Wk. 292022-07-18 ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Esch/Alzette, Wk. 292022-07-18 ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Monastir, Wk. 292022-07-18 HardChallenger (M)
M15 Caloundra, Wk. 292022-07-18 HardChallenger (M)
M15 Metzingen, Wk. 292022-07-18 ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Innsbruck, Wk. 292022-07-18 ClayChallenger (M)
Gstaad2022-07-18 ClayATP
Hamburg European2022-07-18 ClayATP
Week 30
San Benedetto Challenger2022-07-25 ClayFutures (M)
Zug Challenger2022-07-25 ClayFutures (M)
Winnipeg Challenger2022-07-25 HardFutures (M)
Segovia Challenger2022-07-25 HardFutures (M)
M25 Nottingham, Wk. 302022-07-25 GrassChallenger (M)
M25 Tbilisi, Wk. 302022-07-25 HardChallenger (M)
M25 Denia, Wk. 302022-07-25 ClayChallenger (M)
M25 Edwardsville, Wk. 302022-07-25 HardChallenger (M)
M15 Castelo Branco, Wk. 302022-07-25 HardChallenger (M)
M15 Monastir, Wk. 302022-07-25 HardChallenger (M)
M15 Vejle, Wk. 302022-07-25 ClayChallenger (M)
M25+H Bacau, Wk. 302022-07-25 ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Novi Sad, Wk. 302022-07-25 ClayChallenger (M)
M15 Caloundra, Wk. 302022-07-25 HardChallenger (M)
M15 Colombo, Wk. 302022-07-25 ClayChallenger (M)
Kitzbuhel2022-07-25 ClayATP
Truist Atlanta2022-07-25 HardATP
Umag2022-07-25 ClayATP
Week 31
Abierto Mexicano de Tenis Mifel2022-08-01 HardATP
Washington DC2022-08-01 HardATP
Week 32
Canadian Masters2022-08-08 HardATP
Week 33
Cincinnati Masters2022-08-15 HardATP
Week 34
Winston-Salem2022-08-22 HardATP
Week 35
US Open2022-08-29 HardATP
Week 36
U.S. (juniors)2022-09-05 Hard (M)
Week 38
Laver Cup2022-09-19 Indoor Hard (M)
Astana2022-09-19 Indoor HardATP
Metz2022-09-19 Indoor HardATP
Week 39
Chengdu2022-09-26 HardATP
Zhuhai2022-09-26 HardATP
Sofia2022-09-26 Indoor HardATP
Week 40
Beijing2022-10-03 HardATP
Tokyo2022-10-03 HardATP
Week 41
Shanghai Masters2022-10-10 HardATP
Week 42
Antwerp2022-10-17 Indoor HardATP
Stockholm2022-10-17 Indoor HardATP
Moscow2022-10-17 Indoor HardATP
Week 43
Vienna2022-10-24 Indoor HardATP
Basel2022-10-24 Indoor HardATP
Week 44
Paris Masters2022-10-31 Indoor HardATP
Week 45
Next Gen ATP Finals2022-11-07 Indoor HardATP
Week 46
ATP World Tour Finals2022-11-14 Indoor HardATP

ATP Tennis Tour Calendar 2022, including Grand Slam calendar, Masters events calendar, ATP Challengers & ITF Futures calendar 2022.