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One of the best tennis betting twitter accounts to follow is @TennisTipster88, and in terms of websites, has some awesome tennis tips.

Tennis betting has become more and more popular over the years. Just like football betting, it has attracted crowds of  tennis punters and fanatics, but also people who love to watch sports in general.

Most people love the comfort of their home, so they place their bets by going on one of the betting websites. The most common bookmakers are:

William Hill, Paddy Power, Betfair, Ladbrokes, Bet365, Stan James, Bwin.

Once you opened an account with them and deposited a bit of cash, you can start earning some bucks. Of course provided that you choose the right match and manage to guess the correct result.

 Tennis Betting Options:

Futures Betting – at the beginning of each tournament there are a handful of players who are the favourites to win the title. The odds are the most favourable before the start of the tournament and they usually decrease after each round. There is also an option to bet on the player to reach the semifinals or finals. You can even sometimes bet who will finish the season as no.1

Match Betting – you simply pick a certain match and bet on the end result.

Set Betting – is more risky than match betting, since even the greatest players can always lose a set here and there. Therefore it offers a higher payouts than match betting (For example you can bet on a player to win 2-0 or 2-1 on sets).

Games Totals – this betting option is basically a wager on how many total games will be played in a tennis match. There are two options: over and under. Say Federer is meeting Nadal in a best of three set match, you can have the following options:

Over 23.5

Under 23.5

So if you think that the total games played will be 24 or more, you’ll bet on over. If you think that fewer than 24 games will be played, you’ll bet on under.

Games Line –  this is basically spread betting. It takes into consideration the games won, so gives a spread of how many more games the favourite will win than the outsider.

Prop Betting – happens in the bigger events, where there is a possibility for the bettor to bet which player win win the first set, hit more aces and so on.

Live betting can be very profitable. During a tennis match, the odds fluctuate after every single point and sometimes you even have the possibility to watch the match live, which can help you figure out which player has got the momentum on his or her side. If you are vigilant and compare some of the odds at various bookmakers, you might find that they can vary. Therefore always do your research before you decide to bet.

Good Luck!

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