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If your dreams of playing professional-level tennis still remain unfulfilled you don’t have to resign yourself to a boring career in another field, it is possible to combine your passion or skills for this particular sport with a successful career and you don’t need to magical ability of Roger Federer to do so!

Pro tennis jobs are a serious career path for skilled tennis enthusiasts and players who weren’t quite up to the elite standard needed to pursue a professional tennis career. Tennis is a sport, and as such it belongs to the sport industry, and like any industry it has within it thousands of different job opportunities. Even if you don’t have any tennis playing ability whatsoever but are simply a fan of the sport, it’s still possible to find pro tennis jobs that will make full use of your skills in an arena that is enjoyable, fulfilling and rewarding.

Careers that are involved on a tennis court are the ideal pro tennis jobs to find. Although the most obvious pro tennis job is being a professional player, the possibilities don’t end there. Even the most simple tennis facility, such as a local tennis club, requires a core team of professionals to function properly – instructors, court managers, club house managers, administrative staff, court maintenance staff and marketing/promotional staff. Although these potential opportunities aren’t as “hands on” as actually playing tennis, they are still heavily involved in the tennis world and the possibility is there that experience in such roles could lead to future positions in more established tennis venues and playing facilities.

Another potential career option that is available for “on court” tennis roles, particularly those tennis enthusiasts who are both skilled and qualified in sporting activities, is to get involved in coaching and teaching tennis. Coaching and teaching opportunities are vast and varied, from coaching and developing tennis players who are turning professional or established pros to simply teaching fellow enthusiasts how to play basic tennis at your local tennis club. The same is true also for fitness training routes, such as coaching strength and conditioning, if you have the experience and necessary qualifications it’s possible to become established and even work with some top level players.

Additionally, there are also possible career options for those with journalistic and photography skills, to become specialised tennis reporters or photographers. We are a great example of this, as you can see from our call for contributors there is an audience out there eager to read about the latest tennis news. By developing your reporting skills by writing for us or other sports of tennis websites, it is possible to build up your experience and your portfolio enough to apply for those more established positions with newspapers and magazines. As far as pro tennis jobs go, no other opportunity is likely to take you as close to on court action save actually playing tennis yourself.

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