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Stevegtennis has just launched the coolest live scores and results tennis app ever, and we included a highly entertaining drawsheet pick challenge game within this amazing app.


The first version of the app is out for all Android devices, with the iOS (iPhones, iPads) coming very soon.

With the US Open underway, you can still enter our drawsheet game, all you have to do, is download the app here:

Other features of the tennis app include:

– live tennis scores

– latest tennis news

– upcoming matches with H2H stats

– past results and drawsheets


If you would like to prove your tennis knowledge and you think you can guess the winners of each round, all you have to do is follow these steps in the ‘pick a draw challenge’:

1. Just select “Pick-the-Draw” from the app menu
2. The first time you do this it you will have to enter your email
and select a your user name
3. You will then see the main game screen and you can swipe from the
current draws on the left and also the global leaderboard on the right where you
can check your world ranking!
4. In order to actually make picks, just select a draw from the main game screen
5. You will then see the draw as it stands, with any completed matches already added
6. You don’t have to select all matches at one time but it’s a good idea to
do it as once the match has started, you lose the opportunity to guess the end result.
7. You have to pick all matches all the matches all the way through to the final and the winner of the tournament and you can see how many
picks you have left to do at the top right of the screen.
8. After completing round 1 just swipe the screen and move on to the next round.
9. After you have made the final pick it will then say “all done” and
there will be a save icon top right. Just click on it to save your picks and you are all done.

As mentioned before, the iOS app is on the way, so all tennis lovers can join this superb game, where you can become the world no.1 tennis expert!


Best Wishes,

The StevegTeam



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