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Do You Have What It Takes To Be No.1 On Our Draw Pick Challenge Global Leaderboard?



Tell all your friends about this app and you can see who comes out top in the rankings!

As well as providing the latest news, scores and stats from the ATP & WTA tours, the App has a cool Pick-the-Draw game. Know tennis? Now you can prove it week in week out on the ATP & WTA tours and see if you can sustain your level, just like Novak, Rafa, Roger and Andy!

How To Play…

1. Select “Pick-the-Draw” from the app menu on the right side
2. The first time you do this it will ask you to confirm your email
and select a user name
3. You will then see the main game screen and you can swipe from the
current draws on the left and also the global leaderboard on the right where you
can check your world ranking!
4. In order to actually make picks, just select a draw from the main game screen
5. You will then see the draw as it stands, with any completed matches already added
6. You don’t have to select all matches at one time but it’s probably a good idea to
as once a match is actually played you have lost teh chance to win the points for that match.
7. You are picking all matches, right through to the winner of the final, and you can see how many
picks you have left to do at the top right of the screen.
8. After completing round 1 just swipe the screen and move on to the next round….
9. After you have made the final pick it will then say “all done” and
there will be a save icon top right. You must click that to save your picks.


That’s it. Now you are done!


You can revisit the draw at any time and it will show you your correct
picks in green and your incorrect ones in red.

Don’t forget to check the event leaderboard which is on the “Event
Leaders” tab on any draw screen.

You can also see the global leaderboard that is the total of all
events. This can be found at the top of the initial Pick-the-Draw page
where the current events are listed (just swipe screen left)

Dont’t forget to tell all your friends about this app and you can see
who comes out top in the rankings!


This game is for you and we want to make it as awesome as possible. If
you have any problems or any improvement suggestions, please email

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