Jelena Ristic – Novak Djokovic’s Girlfriend

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The stunning Jelena Ristic is Serbia’s world no.1 Novak Djokovic’s Girlfriend. The beauty was born in Belgrade which is the capital city of Serbia.  Ristic was a natural sports player and from an early age she began training in tennis and in athletics. At Sport High School she met Djokovic and it has been said that when they met it was love at first sight. They both also had a love for tennis and this helped to cement their relationship.

While Djokovic went on to pursue his career in tennis, Ristic decided to continue her studies. She attended the Bocconi University in Milan. Despite her studies and Djokovic taking part in the ATP World Tour they were able to build on their relationship and still get closer and closer, not allowing distance to cause a problem.  When they could they would make the effort to be together, which was almost constantly.

A Constant Support

Ristic has been a constant support for Djokovic throughout his career. She has been there to watch and give her support as he played each important match, proving that behind every great man a greater woman can be found. Djokovic has said many kind words, thanking her for being the biggest support and for being able to keep him stable and calm even under extreme pressure. 

Even when Djokovic was dealing with celiac disease she was there to support him. Celiac disease is caused by a reaction to gluten. Despite suffering the symptoms such as diarrhoea and tiredness he was still able become one of the best players in the world. Thankfully in 2011 his condition was recognised by doctors were able to change his diet, and since then his career really hit full speed.

An Impressive Academic

Ristic managed to complete her studies in Italy despite spending a lot of time on the World Tour supporting her man. She has a Master’s Degree and is now undertaking a PhD in Management.  It is thought that once she has completed her PhD Djokovic will propose to his long term love. 

This couple are surprisingly normal despite the exciting and face paced life that they face together. Her ability to keep Djokovic calm and happy is undoubtedly one of his secrets to success.  Together they make an impressive couple with brains and sporting excellence their future together is certainly shining bright.

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