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February 3,2023

Tomic Details Injury That Forced Him to Retire Against Nadal



After a strong start to his 2014 season, Australian No. 2 Bernard Tomic suffered a disappointing setback in his opening round match against Rafael Nadal, when he suffered an injury that forced him to retire following the first set. The young Aussie called a special press conference to announce the results of his post-match scans and to reveal the details to media member as well as fans.

“Had the scans in the morning, which confirmed that obviously I was right.” Tomic explained at a special press conference. “Unfortunately it did have to happen to me and it’s unlucky.  I was very ready to play the Australian Open and very ready to play Nadal, and unfortunately I have this injury now. So I have to treat it as much as I can because I have Davis Cup coming along, and it’s important for me.”

When asked to explain the exact injury and what the scans showed, Tomic clarified that it was a groin injury. He blames his tight schedule and playing over consecutive weeks, from the Hopman Cup to Sydney and believes that may have factored into the injury.

“A groin, tore my groin playing the other day.  I think it was a lot of tennis involved over the past two weeks.  Playing very good in Hopman Cup; Sydney playing very good; maybe it was too much. And then having to bounce back obviously this happened, and there’s not a lot I can do.”

While the injury was not a serve one. Tomic is satisfied with his decision to retire after the first set as it could have been far worse had he withstood the pain and played the entire match.

“It’s just a small one.  It’s not that big.  But if I had played on it it would have been 10 times worse, they say, so I could have been out potentially for three, four months. I’m very happy I stopped.  It was the right call.”

Tomic revealed the details of the injury at a special press conference because he felt he owed fans an explanation after the anti-climatic conclusion to the match.  The injury was an unfortunate incident and he felt he was misjudged for his decision to retire after dropping the opening set. It was for this reason that the 21-year-old felt he needed to explain himself publicly.

“Well, I think it’s important for me to come out like this.  A lot of people showed up last night, you know, expecting a very good match.  A lot of people paid their tickets.  It’s disappointing for that to happen. The form I was in, I was ready to challenge Rafa and unfortunately this happened.  I felt like I got booed a little bit on court, which was pretty unfair.  I just needed to get my side out, which is, you know, obviously the truth and it’s important.

The plan for Tomic is to recover fully in time for the Davis Cup, of which he is an interracial part of the Australian team.

“My recovery is going to start as quick as it can because I have the Davis Cup, and if I’m not ready for the Davis Cup it’s going to be very difficult for us.” he added.

Karim Zidan
Karim Zidan
Karim Zidan is a professional sports writer focusing specifically on tennis and combat sports. Follow him on twitter @ZidanSports

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