Our Top 3 Federer News Stories: From Roger Federer Street to Federer Twins

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The former World Number 1 player and current member of the “Big Four” Roger Federer is never really out of the headlines. Whether he’s topping the news columns for his always incredible professional tennis wins, jaw dropping losses or simply for his all-star endorsement potential, it seems that tennis fans out there simply can’t get enough of reading and hearing about this Swiss tennis ace. With all the stories about Federer that have made the sports pages and gossip columns of national newspapers and magazines in recent years, we’ve found it quite hard to pick our top 3 favourites but here they are from the quirky honour given to Roger this year to the cute pictures of the Federer twins supporting their dad.

The Street with Roger’s Name
We know that we’ve covered this story in greater detail elsewhere on the site, but it’s one that we couldn’t resist including on our top 3 list simply because it really is so unique. Yes, earlier this year our favourite tennis player called Roger was given his very own street name in Halle, Germany. To show appreciation for the support that he’s given to the town’s annual Gerry Weber Open tournament, and for all his successes there, officials in the town re-christened a street leading to the stadium where the tournament takes place Roger-Federer-Allee. How many other tennis players, or even professional athletes, can say that they’ve got both a name on a trophy and a name on a street sign.

The Federer Twins support their Dad
No matter how many James Bond-themed adverts and campaigns he does for his sponsors Credit-Suisse, we all know that Roger Federer is a dedicated family man at heart. His wife, Mirka Federer, has dutifully supported him throughout his career, but now the junior members of the family are making court-side appearances to cheer on their superstar dad. Although they may be a little too young to fully appreciate the spectacle of such high-level tennis, at the Australian Open in January this year two-year-old Myla Rose and Charlene Riva appeared in cute matching outfits. They may have been slightly confused at watching their dad warming up, but luckily they left before the matches got properly underway so didn’t see him crash out of the semis against Nadal.

Roger Federer breaks Nole’s Winning Streak
Novak Djokovic has been one of the most domineering forces in professional tennis since his incredible season last year. Not only has he knocked Rafael Nadal off the top spot, he’s also racked up a staggering 11 Masters 1000 series titles ranking him as the fourth greatest tennis player of all time. In the 2011 season, Nole seemed unbeatable and going into the French Open he was, until he faced the Swiss wonder in the semi-finals. Despite many tennis insiders believing his big career days were coming to an end, Roger Federer triumphed over the powerful Serb with a stunning 7-6 6-3 3-6 7-6 win, bringing an end to his 43 match winning streak in the process.

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