ATP France F14 Futures Draw (Men's) - 2017

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France F14 Futures Event Details:

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RoundWinning PlayerLosing PlayerScoreH2H
Men's Singles
FGeoffrey Blancaneaux (FRA)Constant Lestienne (1) (FRA)3-6 6-2 7-5[H2H]
SFConstant Lestienne (1) (FRA)Tomas Lipovsek Puches (6) (ARG)6-4 4-6 7-6(3)[H2H]
SFGeoffrey Blancaneaux (FRA)Johan Sebastien Tatlot (FRA)6-3 6-4[H2H]
QFConstant Lestienne (1) (FRA)Gregoire Barrere (FRA)6-4 4-0 ret.[H2H]
QFTomas Lipovsek Puches (6) (ARG)Sekou Bangoura (3) (USA)6-4 6-2[H2H]
QFJohan Sebastien Tatlot (FRA)Karim-Mohamed Maamoun (2) (EGY)6-2 6-2[H2H]
QFGeoffrey Blancaneaux (FRA)Romain Jouan (FRA)6-3 6-2[H2H]
R16Romain Jouan (FRA)Maxime Chazal (4) (FRA)6-4 6-4[H2H]
R16Sekou Bangoura (3) (USA)Ronan Joncour (FRA)6-3 3-6 6-3[H2H]
R16Karim-Mohamed Maamoun (2) (EGY)Hugo Pontico (q) (FRA)6-2 6-4[H2H]
R16Constant Lestienne (1) (FRA)Moez Echargui (TUN)6-3 4-6 7-5[H2H]
R16Gregoire Barrere (FRA)Nathan Seateun (q) (FRA)4-6 6-1 6-4[H2H]
R16Tomas Lipovsek Puches (6) (ARG)Sebastien Boltz (FRA)7-6(3) 6-3[H2H]
R16Johan Sebastien Tatlot (FRA)Antoine Walch (q) (FRA)6-4 6-4[H2H]
R16Geoffrey Blancaneaux (FRA)Christian Lindell (5) (SWE)6-1 6-1[H2H]
R32Romain Jouan (FRA)Rayane Roumane (WC) (FRA)6-0 6-3[H2H]
R32Maxime Chazal (4) (FRA)Sherif Sabry (EGY)6-0 6-3[H2H]
R32Sekou Bangoura (3) (USA)Thomas Laurent (q) (FRA)6-4 6-0[H2H]
R32Christian Lindell (5) (SWE)Jurgen Briand (q) (FRA)6-4 6-4[H2H]
R32Karim-Mohamed Maamoun (2) (EGY)Antoine Bellier (SUI)4-6 6-1 6-4[H2H]
R32Constant Lestienne (1) (FRA)Adrien Gombocz (1987) (WC) ()6-1 6-0[H2H]
R32Gregoire Barrere (FRA)Gregoire Jacq (7WC) (FRA)7-5 4-6 6-2[H2H]
R32Sebastien Boltz (FRA)Amaury Delmas (q) (FRA)6-4 6-4[H2H]
R32Tomas Lipovsek Puches (6) (ARG)Louis Tessa (FRA)6-3 0-6 7-5[H2H]
R32Johan Sebastien Tatlot (FRA)Yann Marti (8) (SUI)6-3 ret.[H2H]
R32Antoine Walch (q) (FRA)Lucas Bouquet (q) (FRA)6-2 4-6 6-3[H2H]
R32Ronan Joncour (FRA)Loic Perret (SUI)6-7(4) 7-6(1) 6-4[H2H]
R32Geoffrey Blancaneaux (FRA)Ugo Blanchet (WC) (FRA)6-2 6-2[H2H]
R32Moez Echargui (TUN)Mathieu Roy ()6-2 6-4[H2H]
R32Hugo Pontico (q) (FRA)Thibault Venturino (q) (FRA)6-3 6-0[H2H]
R32Nathan Seateun (q) (FRA)Simeon Rossier (SUI)6-1 3-6 7-5[H2H]
Men's Doubles
FMaxime Chazal (FRA)
Florian Reynet (FRA)
Lucas Bouquet (FRA)
Thibault Venturino (FRA)
6-4 6-2
SFMaxime Chazal (FRA)
Florian Reynet (FRA)
Jose Daniel Bendeck (COL)
Moez Echargui (TUN)
7-5 3-6 10-5
SFLucas Bouquet (FRA)
Thibault Venturino (FRA)
Pedro Bernardi (BRA)
Christian Lindell (SWE)
7-5 5-7 10-7
QFMaxime Chazal (FRA)
Florian Reynet (FRA)
Sekou Bangoura (USA)
Ruben Gonzales (PHL)
7-6(6) 3-6 10-7
QFJose Daniel Bendeck (COL)
Moez Echargui (TUN)
Sebastien Boltz (FRA)
Gregoire Jacq (FRA)
5-7 6-4 10-6
QFPedro Bernardi (BRA)
Christian Lindell (SWE)
Geoffrey Blancaneaux (FRA)
Louis Tessa (FRA)
6-4 3-6 10-6
QFLucas Bouquet (FRA)
Thibault Venturino (FRA)
Karim-Mohamed Maamoun (EGY)
Sherif Sabry (EGY)
6-3 6-2
R16Maxime Chazal (FRA)
Florian Reynet (FRA)
Florian Blot (FRA)
Romain Douvre (FRA)
R16Karim-Mohamed Maamoun (EGY)
Sherif Sabry (EGY)
Louroi Martinez (SUI)
Simeon Rossier (SUI)
6-2 6-4
R16Sebastien Boltz (FRA)
Gregoire Jacq (FRA)
Gregoire Barrere (FRA)
Romain Jouan (FRA)
6-3 7-5
R16Sekou Bangoura (USA)
Ruben Gonzales (PHL)
Maxime Guichoud ()
Loic Perret (SUI)
6-4 6-2
R16Jose Daniel Bendeck (COL)
Moez Echargui (TUN)
Florian Clemares (FRA)
Adrien Gombocz (1987) ()
7-5 6-2
R16Pedro Bernardi (BRA)
Christian Lindell (SWE)
Felipe Martinez Sarrasague (ARG)
Nicolas Uryson (ARG)
4-6 7-6(4) 10-3
R16Lucas Bouquet (FRA)
Thibault Venturino (FRA)
Mathieu Roy ()
Antoine Walch (FRA)
6-4 6-4
R16Geoffrey Blancaneaux (FRA)
Louis Tessa (FRA)
Amaury Delmas (FRA)
Ronan Joncour (FRA)
6-4 6-3
Men's Singles Qualifying - Those Winning Q1 Have Qualified
Q1Thibault Venturino (q) (FRA)Rayane Oumaouche (FRA)6-4 7-5[H2H]
Q1Antoine Walch (q) (FRA)Mayeul Darras (FRA)6-4 6-1[H2H]
Q1Lucas Bouquet (q) (FRA)Hugo Cazaban (FRA)2-6 6-3 6-4[H2H]
Q1Amaury Delmas (q) (FRA)Loick Bruandet (FRA)3-6 7-6(3) 6-3[H2H]
Q1Thomas Laurent (q) (FRA)Simon Reveniau (FRA)6-1 6-4[H2H]
Q1Hugo Pontico (q) (FRA)David Sidbon (FRA)7-5 7-6(3)[H2H]
Q1Nathan Seateun (q) (FRA)Nicolas Uryson (ARG)4-6 6-4 6-2[H2H]
Q1Jurgen Briand (q) (FRA)Martin Atanasov ()6-2 6-3[H2H]
Q2Thibault Venturino (q) (FRA)Florian Clemares (FRA)6-4 6-0[H2H]
Q2David Sidbon (FRA)Felipe Martinez Sarrasague (ARG)6-4 7-5[H2H]
Q2Antoine Walch (q) (FRA)Sebastien Mentha ()6-3 7-6(4)[H2H]
Q2Lucas Bouquet (q) (FRA)Riad Rastoder (BIH)6-3 6-1[H2H]
Q2Hugo Cazaban (FRA)Noe Khlif (FRA)6-3 6-4[H2H]
Q2Nicolas Uryson (ARG)Oliver Casey (AUS)6-4 6-3[H2H]
Q2Rayane Oumaouche (FRA)Paul Gueye (FRA)6-0 7-5[H2H]
Q2Amaury Delmas (q) (FRA)Louroi Martinez (SUI)6-3 4-6 7-6(1)[H2H]
Q2Martin Atanasov ()Florian Blot (FRA)5-7 6-4 6-2[H2H]
Q2Loick Bruandet (FRA)Hugo Tixier ()6-0 6-0[H2H]
Q2Thomas Laurent (q) (FRA)Jose Daniel Bendeck (COL)6-4 6-1[H2H]
Q2Hugo Pontico (q) (FRA)Matteo Vialmin (SUI)6-4 7-5[H2H]
Q2Mayeul Darras (FRA)Mael Martinez (ESP)6-3 6-2[H2H]
Q2Nathan Seateun (q) (FRA)Stefan Fiacan ()6-2 6-3[H2H]
Q2Jurgen Briand (q) (FRA)Thibault Forget (FRA)2-6 7-6(9) 6-2[H2H]
Q2Simon Reveniau (FRA)Quentin Roch ()6-2 6-1[H2H]
Q3David Sidbon (FRA)Theo Joby (FRA)6-1 6-2[H2H]
Q3Paul Gueye (FRA)Felix Morck (SWE)7-6(8) 6-7(7) 6-2[H2H]
Q3Quentin Roch ()Thomas SCHWENCKE Lindqvist (DEN)6-4 4-6 6-0[H2H]
Q3Hugo Cazaban (FRA)Louis Rico (USA)6-2 6-1[H2H]
Q3Sebastien Mentha ()Michele D'amico (ITA)6-3 6-4[H2H]
Q3Martin Atanasov ()Ethan Young-Smith ()6-3 7-6(2)[H2H]
Q3Thomas Laurent (q) (FRA)Maxime Guichoud ()6-1 6-1[H2H]
Q3Louroi Martinez (SUI)Antoine Cornut-Chauvinc (FRA)4-6 6-2 7-5[H2H]
Q3Oliver Casey (AUS)Nikolaj Talimaa (SUI)6-0 6-2[H2H]
Q3Hugo Tixier ()Romain Douvre (FRA)6-4 5-7 6-4[H2H]