Greg Rusedski says there is big potential in British tennis

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After the British tennis team has claimed the Junior Davis Cup title last week, Greg Rusedski, a former British Davis Cup player, thinks that there is a lot of potential in British tennis.

“There is a lot to look forward to in the future.” Rusedski said.

He praised the Junior Davis Cup winners Evan Hoyt, Kyle Edmund and Luke Bambridge.

“All three of the Davis Cup boys are very clever and they have the right idea on the court. They have good coaches behind them, a good support team and also great backing from their parents. They are all hungry to succeed and they realise this is a stepping stone to being professional one day.”

He also mentiones Ollie Golding as a potential great future player, having won this year’s junior US Open.

“The young British guys are on the right track. We’ve always had one or two players with potential but now with have 6 or 10 who are all playing well and could make it into the top 100 in the world.”

Well, one thing is for sure, they can find motivation and courage by looking at Andy Murray’s performances, and of course one musn’t forget Tim Henman’s achievements.

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