Tennis Leading Culprit in Match-Fixing Allegations for Sports Betting Integrity Organization

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According to, the ESSA Sports Betting Integrity organization has announced that their second quarter findings has recorded an exceptionally high number of notifications from irregular betting patterns.

In the latest findings, ESSA found 73 unusual betting patterns in all sports, 23 of which were considered suspicious. Of those, 19 were from tennis, while the remaining four were football.

This number has increased from last quarter, where the ESSA found 49 notifications – 23 were noted as suspicious and 17 of them were from tennis.

There is little doubt that tennis has some concerning trends with regards to match fixing on the lower level of the sport. Recently, Italy’s Daniele Bracciali partially admitted to match fixing during a hearing this past week with authorities. The Italian and his occasional doubles partner Potito Starace were brought in on corruption accusations after intercepted Internet conversations showing they sold matches were released and printed in Italian media.

Several months earlier, New South Wales police arrested former Aussie Open junior boy’s finalist Nick Lindahl because they believed he intentionally threw a match that his friend bet on, and later charged him with “corrupt betting offenses.” The match took place in the 2013 futures tournament at Tootwoomba.

Prior this these particular incidents, lifetime bans were dealt to Daniel Koellerer (2011), David Savic (2012), and Andrey Kumantsov (2014). Spain’s Guillermo Olaso has been banned from tennis competition for five years after he was found guilty of fixing a match back in 2010.

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