Tennis Ball Saver Reviews and Price

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Tennis Ball Saver Description and Reviews

Stop throwing away good tennis balls, keep them fresh and bouncy in a Tennis Ball Saver!

Dimensions: 7.8 x 3.3 x 3.3 inches, 11. 2 oz

The Tennis Ball Saver is the original and best way to keep your tennis balls fresh and full of bounce. A dear friend to tennis players, but the enemy of tennis ball manufacturers, the Tennis Ball Saver keeps up to three tennis balls with brand-new bounce. The Tennis Ball saver works on the same principals as a tennis ball container, and as such keeps balls at the correct pressure to prevent natural leakage. Affordable and lightweight, the Tennis Ball Saver could save you hundreds of pounds throughout your lifetime of playing tennis!

How it Works
When tennis balls are made they are injected with an internal pressure of 14 PSI, and then packaged in a pressurized can. When cans are opened, pressure is released and the internal pressure of the ball can escape through its rubber coating. The impact of the ball on racquet and different court surfaces can also force more internal pressure meaning that brand new balls can lose bounce quickly even if they are straight out of a can.

The Tennis Ball Saver contains the same amount of pressure, and surrounds the balls stored in it. This means that natural leakage is minimised, and when stored in the save for up to eight weeks pressure is forced back in to the balls giving them brand new bounce! Tennis Ball Saver is a must for all levels of player, from recreational to pro.

Price: $14.90 Buy Now and Check Reviews Buy Now and Check Reviews


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