Sports Cooling Ice Towel Product Reviews and Price

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Ice Towel Reviews and Price

Dry between use to remain fresh and sanitary

Sportspeople across the globe love this amazing Ice Towel, and as soon as you open it you will see why! Fresh and cool straight out of the packaging, the ice towel provides just that right level of comfort needed to stay cool in sporting conditions. With 100% lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer, this cooling towel made from PVA chamois material that remains soft and dry to the touch. A must for anyone that is active, you can use your cooling towel during Bikram yoga, at the gym, on the tennis court, while running or hiking or even horse-riding. The towel can also be used to provide cooling relief in therapeutic or rehabilitation situations.

The cooling towel comes in a compact carrying tin, ideal for keeping them stored safely while on the go!

How to Use

Before first using your ice towel rinse it 2-3 times in water of 70 degrees or cooler. Wring it out and then wear it on any parts of your body that need cooling refreshment. The ice towel is reusable and machine washable, but should be rinsed after each use The towel hardens when dry so is easy to store in its tube, ready for your to soak it and use it again! This cooling sports towel is ideal for use in the following:

• Sports – golf, football, tennis, soccer, basketball, baseball
• Workplace – mechanics, firemen, construction workers, engineers
• Personal – yoga, cold therapy, medical conditions, massage or myofascial release

Price: $14.99 Buy Now and Check Reviews Buy Now and Check Reviews


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