Latest Study Shows Roger Federer Most Marketable Athlete in the World

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Roger Federer

In a new study conducted by the London School of Marketing, it has been determined that 17-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer is the “most marketable sports star in the world.”

The study is remarkable considering Federer ranks six spots ahead of the player who defeated him at the Wimbledon Championships final this season, Novak Djokovic. He remains, according to the study, one of the most “influential” figures in all sports.

According to the

Despite his loss in the Wimbledon final to Novak Djokovic, Federer “is considered one of the most influential persons in the world.” London School of Marketing faculty member Jacques de Cock said, “He may not have won Wimbledon this year, but it’s Federer’s personal characteristics which sponsors find so attractive.”

There were several other tennis players sprinkled throughout the Top 20 list. Djokovic took the 7th spot, while Nadal was placed in the 8th slot. Maria Sharapova was the highest ranked female athlete at No. 12.

Serena Williams, the player who is one major title away from winning the Calendar Grand Slam, sat at No. 20.

The entire list is available below:

1. Roger Federer — Tennis
2. Tiger Woods — Golf
3. Phil Mickelson — Golf
4. LeBron James — Basketball
5. Kevin Durant — Basketball
6. Rory McIlroy — Golf
7. Novak Djokovic — Tennis
8. Rafael Nadal — Tennis
9. Mahendra Singh Dhoni — Cricket
10. Cristiano Ronaldo — Football
11. Kobe Bryant — Basketball
12. Maria Sharapova — Tennis
13. Lionel Messi — Football
14. Usain Bolt — Track
15. Neymar — Football
16. Andy Murray — Tennis
17. Kei Nishikori — Tennis
18. Derrick Rose — Basketball
19. Floyd Mayweather — Boxing
20. Serena Williams — Tennis

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