Novak Djokovic reveals he was more ‘nervous than any other match’ in French Open final

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Novak Djokovic

Sunday, June 7 was supposed to be the day that many would remember as the one where Novak Djokovic became the eighth payer in tennis history to accomplish the Career Grand Slam. However, while the stars were aligned for his eventual success, few accounted for the Swiss star who would alter the Serb’s plans in shocking fashion.

Wawrinka dominated the contest following the opening set, as he fired shots through Djokovic and outplayed the Serbian star en route to a emphatic four-set win at Roland Garros. He rallied from a set down to defeat the top seed 4-6, 6-4, 6-3, 6-4.

“He played some really good tactical tennis and also very aggressive shots in some breakpoints, like when it was 4-4, that passing shot winner down the line…all I can say is, ‘well done’; he deserves it,”

“You go through emotions when you are playing for the title. 3-0 up, I wasted some chances and he started getting more confident; he started going for his shots.”

Djokovic has a particularly sour memory of the fourth set, where he held a significant lead before allowing Wawrinka back into the contest.

“You know, you go through emotions, you get frustrated, you come back. All in all, may be that was the turning point. After that, I did try to comeback. I did try to fight up to the last point, to the last ball, but it wasn’t that day.”

However, while Djokovic was clearly disappointed with his loss on Sunday, he made it clear that his ambition to win the French Open did not overshadow the ambitions of all the other players in the draw. He did admit to being more nervous than any other final beforehand, though.

“As I said, you go through emotions. Of course I was nervous than any other match. It’s final of Roland Garros. We both were aware of the importance of this match, and that’s why you tend to have these particular situations.”

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One thought on “Novak Djokovic reveals he was more ‘nervous than any other match’ in French Open final

  1. It’s the Rafael Nadal curse that caused Djokovic to lose the match.

    Just before his quarter-final match with Djokovic, Nadal had predicted that ”….the winner of this match will not win Roland Garros.”

    And behold, it came to pass.

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