Evaluating Rafael Nadal’s Chances for the Roland Garros 2015

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 Rafael Nadal Roland Garros

Plenty of players finished the 2014 season on the injured list, but none of them was getting as much attention as Rafael Nadal, who’s now targeting a record-breaking tenth title from the French Open, a tournament in which he seems to do well all the time despite the circumstances not always being the best. It rarely matters what condition he’s in before the start of that tournament, everyone just considers him to be the favourite for the title – and, more often than not, that isn’t just wishful thinking.

However, the early months of 2015 seem to be pointing to the circumstances being worse than ever before for the Spaniard, who’s already accumulated a surprisingly high number of awkward performances, with the list including a defeat against Michael Berrer (from a set up!), a loss against Tomas Berdych (which broke Nadal’s record streak of victories against the Czech), and a defeat against Fognini (again from a set up). What’s that supposed to mean? Is that just a run of bad results or are there more struggles on the cards for the legend?

Well, those who saw at least some of his 2015 matches know that there is a difference between his 2013 comeback and this one. Back then, it took a massive performance from Horacio Zeballos to beat him in Vina del Mar and he then went on to win three tournaments in a row before finally losing against Novak Djokovic in Monte Carlo. This time? Well, it certainly didn’t take an once- in-a-lifetime performance from Fognini to beat him from being a set and a break down, which is worrying indeed. And it needs to be emphasized that he hasn’t played against world-class opposition since the end of the Australian Open – once he starts playing against the higher-ranked players that didn’t take part in the Golden Swing, it might not be a pretty sight for his fans.

Perhaps even more importantly, a new crop of players that have a legitimate shot at winning a Grand Slam title seems to have risen up over the last twelve months. As far as the French Open is concerned, this group includes the names of Stanislas Wawrinka, Kei Nishikori, and perhaps even the ever-present Tomas Berdych. Novak Djokovic will be there to make Rafa’s life hard in any case – and so will Roger Federer, who’s still capable of beating Nadal in an one-off match (although the Spaniard will have to cooperate somewhat).

All in all, it seems that completing the La Décima, if you want to call it like that, could be rather tough for Nadal this year, especially if he gets a bad loss or two during the lead-up to the Grand Slam. It seems a given that he will complete the feat at some point, but, as things stand at the moment, Novak Djokovic is to be considered the main favourite for the title. But then again – it is Rafael Nadal who we are talking about.

You will be able to follow the Roland Garros 2015 Here: French Open 2015 Live Streaming

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18 thoughts on “Evaluating Rafael Nadal’s Chances for the Roland Garros 2015

  1. Until somebody actually beats Nadal at the FO, Nadal has to be considered the favorite. In order for Novak to win he has to play at the very top of his game, and Nadal has to be well below his best. Last year  Nadal entered FO, being well out of form, looked very vulnerable in the first round, yet still managed to win it. If Nadal gets to the final, he wins. I see more changes being ousted in the first round, than loosing the Final at the FO.

  2. its crazy than crazy lol  that he even won like goddamn 9 times already.. totally insane…
    right now he still has time to get back into groove… if he were to play french right away then yes he would have gone in with worst shape (meaning form and losing etc) ever into french…
    someday eventually he has to lose french… but i would wait till the clay series to begin and later see where he is… its almost like as long as he is healthy he will somehow pick up form again since its clay tournaments later on…

  3. evan2k I agree that Nadal has to be the favorite until someone takes him out at FO. However, to say Nadal has to be playing below his best for Djoker to beat him is simply not true. Djoker has beaten Nadal on clay and the match up is not a good one for Nadal. It’s all about the match up and Djoker is not bothered one bit by Nadal’s forehand coming high to his backhand whereas that causes Federer fits. 
    I’ve never seen someone beat Nadal so handily and frustrate him so much as Djoker does. Nadal’s win at the French last year was the first one in quite a while against Djoker. Nadal was also in MUCH better form last year than this year. He has been getting his a$$ kicked since he won the French last year…several first round losses in a row, one by a qualifier and he just barely won his 1st tournament in over 8 months and it was a 250 tournament where there were no truly high caliber players.
    He was desperate for a win and some confidence and had he gone to any of the 500 tournaments where the big boys were he would have got his a$$ kicked again.    

    My prediction is that Nadal will be beaten at French this year, possibly early, and, if not, for sure by Djoker. 
    Nadal’s run at the French is almost beyond comprehension but is O.V.E.R.

  4. movadochrisford1 March 10, 2015 at 1:00 am -

    Yeally large, stupid records don’t impress anyone but some diehard, obsessional fans of a sport convinced that the whole world pants to know if Kobe will get the record for running left handers in night games, if Lance will get an INSANE!!! stat of so many more Tour de Frances than anyone, the various 3-peats or octo-peats or whatever. Or Nadal getting ten so fanatics can tell us how critical and earth-shattering an 11th would be next year.
    No, it would be news if Novak or some other player gets it. 
    It would be news if a teen bolt out of the blue like Kyrgios pounds down a Wimbledon championship run. It would be news if as her gay supporters say  – “My Queen!!” gets soundly beaten in a Final by Azarenka, even a Woz or a Ivanovic…
    Most of the rest of us want real sports competition and outcomes in doubt. Not repetitious Lance coronations or players genuflecting to Queen Serena or the dubious pleasure of the OCD King of Clay rolling in the dirt in orgasmic bliss….again and again.
    No guarantees for Novak. Just because  he is the 2nd best clay courter of this era doesn’t mean he will get it if Rafa plays him or Rafa goes down and Nole has to beat someone else.

  5. Yes it seems like I’ve heard this same wishful thinking bull$hit before. Oh yes it has been the same wishful thinking from Djokovic fans going into the last 4 FO’s and of course we know how those wishes turned out.

  6. movadochrisford1 You have no freaking idea how insane it is to achieve a feat to even win once. You so easily dismiss its stupid record. But just imagine the day in and day out effort and focus you have to be to beat others who are gunning for it. And to win something like that even once is not a joke. Forget winning something 9 times. 
    Ofcourse you don’t need to be obsessive fan of people like Rafa, Djoker, Fed, Kobe etc to brush that off as stupid is heartless and naive. I get it that people can have preference that someone new wins and thats totally cool but to call their achievements stupid is over the top.

  7. it is not abt only 2015… suppose if rafa lose in 2015…. then he can regain it in 2016…. but i am damn sure that historic 10th FO will come in 2015 itself… that wud be the main target for rafa this year…. 
    rafa @ FO = phelps in water…. enough said

  8. Absolutely no way Djoker can touch the King of Clay here… anyone who thinks that should retire from tennis 🙂

  9. One of these years, the predictions of a Nadal failure at RG will be right.  This could be the year, for sure, but this same argument was being made last year (and the year before? I think he lost to Djokovic at Monte Carlo that year) – Djokovic was the considered by many to be the favorite going in, but Nadal prevailed in the end both times.  Nadal’s results have definitely not been impressive so far this year – but they were pretty bad at this time last year too.  He lost to Almagro for heaven’s sake…  But then he turned it around and put in a good run at RG.  I think this year, again, if he has the “good feeling” at RG, then he will do well and be typically hard to beat.  More interesting for me really is how he’ll do at the other majors and masters.

  10. tennisfan1 In results you’re right  but you’re wrong that it can’t happen. Djoker had Nadal in 2013 until the rain delay which slowed the court down and then the whole match shifted to Nadal’s favor as the ball slows down and sits up better. 
    It’s foolish and crazy to say otherwise and Nadal would be the first to admit it. 
    Djoker has had Nadal on his heels big time the last 2-3 years and this is the end of Nadal’s reign at French. He may not even make it to the semis or final. 
    We are all speculating on this year so now let’s sit back and see what happens.

  11. movadochrisford1 “Really large, stupid records” Seriously? That’s a really large, stupid statement. I’m not a Nadal fan but that’s a hell of an accomplishment and he needs to be given credit. It’s an insane accomplishment and very difficult to do. 
    To compare it to Kobe running left handers is absurd at best…this is the French Open, a grueling tournament and he has won more than any player in history. That needs to be given its due respect and acknowledged. 
    With that being said I believe this is the end of Nadal’s run and he will be taken out this year. 

    You’re definitely wrong about Djoker being the “2nd best clay courter of this era” and statistical facts prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt. Djoker doesn’t have a French title nor does he have as many titles on clay as Fed. He’s only been in 2 French finals, Fed has been in 5. Fed’s clay court record below.2009 French Open championFour runner-up trophies at Roland Garros10 career clay-court titles (appearing in 33 finals)Six Masters 1000 titles (Hamburg 2002, 04-05, 07; Madrid 2009, 12)76.6 winning percentage on clay, and 80 percent at Roland Garros

  12. evan2k @evan2k…what did I tell you? Nadal got ABUSED today just like he’s been getting abused for the last 12 months.

  13. Outofyourmind TOLD YOU SO. Nadal got ABSUED today, not even a match. Here’s another prediction…if he doesn’t finish the 2nd half of the year strong, he’s done. As of this Monday I believe he will be ranked #11 in the world and has been getting his a$$ kicked for last 12 months including a couple losses by qualifiers and a few on his beloved clay. O.V.E.R.

  14. tennisfan1 You’re right, he didn’t touch the King of Clay…he utterly ABUSED and DISMANTLED him! That match was never even close. Maybe it’s you who should retire from tennis 🙂

  15. RohitMadan As I predicted this was the year Nadal would lose at the French. Not only did he lose he was dismantled and abused on his 29th birthday. His is the King of Clay but his reign is O.V.E.R. He has been getting beat non-stop for the last 12 months, I believe will be ranked #11 on Monday when the new rankings come out and next year he will be 30 and another step or two slower as well as his body breaking down further from all of the dope he has done for the last 8-10 years. If he doesn’t finsih the 2nd half of this year strong my prediction is that he is done.

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