Former Australian Open Junior Finalist Lindahl Charged with Match-Fixing

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The recent slew of match-fixing fiascos continue to pile up, as a former professional tennis player is the latest to be charged with the crime.

It appears that the New South Wales police believe that former Aussie Open junior boy’s finalist Nick Lindahl intentionally threw a match that his friend bet on, and have charged him with “corrupt betting offenses.”

The Associated Press revealed the news.

Lindhal was arrested the 26-year-old on Friday after a betting agency detected suspicious activity and reported it to the police. The match took place in the 2013 futures tournament at Tootwoomba.

The retired player posted bail but is set to appear In front of a judge in March.

This is just the latest in a string of match-fixing incidents over the past couple of years; lifetime bans were dealt to Daniel Koellerer (2011), David Savic (2012), and Andrey Kumantsov (2014). Spain’s Guillermo Olaso has been banned from tennis competition for five years after he was found guilty of fixing a match back in 2010.

Apart from that, the more recent incident to come to light was Daniele Bracciali and Potito Starace getting suspended by the Italian Tennis Federation for an ongoing investigation for a match-fixing inquiry.

Lindahl, who lost the Aussie Open junior boys final back in 2006, got as high as No. 187 in the Emirates ATP Rankings. It was back in 2010, when he was able tot reach the Qualifying stage of the United States Open, and also took part in several ATP World Tour event, where he lost in the first round.

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