Eugenie Bouchard Underwent Six Different Anti-doping Tests in the 2014 Off Season

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Tennis has had no shortage in drug abuse, both recreational and performance enhancing. However, many tennis fans and professionals are content to believe that tennis is more or less a PED-free sport. Media outlets in tennis underplay certain drug failures, instead of arguably striving to publicize such failures.

The topic of tennis’ ‘flawed’ drug testing was recently discussed in a Sports Illustrated Mailbag with Jon Wertheim, where he explained that, for years, “tennis operated under the assumption that it was above doping.” There has even been cases of the ATP burying Andre Agassi’s positive test during the early portion of his career, which emphasized their ability and willingness to cover up for certain stars.

However, it appears the International Tennis Federation has stepped up the regimens and increased drug testing over the past few years. Players such as Marin Cilic and Viktor Troicki have felt the wrath of the ITF when they failed to meet their standards. Yet, while the ITF conducted over 2,7000 tests in 2014, only 6000 of them were out-of-competition random tests, which is the best method to catch abusers.

Several days ago, Canadian star Eugenie Bouchard took to twitter to reveal that she had been tested on six separate occasions to date in the off-season – which is to say, in less than two months.

While no other player has been this vocal about the testing on twitter, it is safe to assume that Bouchard is not the only notable tennis star being subjected to consistent testing.

“6th anti doping visit this off season… Think we’re good guys.”

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3 thoughts on “Eugenie Bouchard Underwent Six Different Anti-doping Tests in the 2014 Off Season

  1. Konrad webb off-season is when their heaviest physical training occurs – when performance enhancing drugs will benefit them the most, because they don’t need time off to recover. Only idiots fail tests in-competition. This is the perfect time to conduct testing.

  2. Konrad webb matters little, they should be all be being tested. Highly unlikely Genie’s the only one…

  3. Why would you think Kvitova doped? Did you watch the match?! Because PEDs couldn’t give her such beautiful shot selections… and Petra doesn’t hit the ball that hard when you compare her to big hitters. Her strength comes from her height and her strong legs, not from big guns.

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