Melanie Oudin to Undergo Surgery for Heart Condition, and Eye ‘Growth’

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 Melanie Oudin


2009 US Open quarter-finalist Melanie Oudin will spend the majority of the off-season recovering from surgical procedures, as the American tennis player will go under the knife for a heart condition, as well as a “growth” in her eye.

After over a year of concerns that she had “episodes” of an accelerated heartbeat, Oudin was diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis, a muscle-damaging condition that could affect the heart.

Several weeks later, Oudin will also undergo surgery for what she referred to as a “growth” in her eye from exposure to the sun.

”I don’t think my luck could get any worse. I just can’t wait for 2014 to be over,” Oudin told The Associated Press. ”A heart thing this week, and then an eye thing after that. I have lots going on.”

”We are hoping that after I have this, hopefully I’ll never, ever have to deal with it again,” Oudin said. ”I’ll never have to deal with it during matches; of course it’s been in my head. I feel terrible when it happens and I’m trying to play.”

The former world No. 31 is expected to return to training in a few weeks time.

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