Dominic Thiem to Begin Six-Month Spell in Austrian Army

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Dominic Thiem


While athletes enjoy a variety of luxuries in life that common folk find hard to come by, exemptions from mandatory army service is unlikely to be one of those things, as Austria’s Dominic Thiem found out this past week.

The ATP World Tour rising star, who enjoyed a breakthrough season on the tour this year, has officially joined the Austrian military, where he will be enrolled in his country’s mandatory national service for six months.

“I am delighted to welcome Austria’s biggest hope in the sport of tennis in the army. Dominic Thiem will continue as an army athlete in his meteoric career,” said Defence and Sport Minister Gerald Klug in a press release.

While the 21-year-old Thiem will be in training for the majority of the six month period, he will also be allowed to take part in various tournaments during the 2015 tennis season. However, when not in tournaments, the world No. 39 will return to his unit.

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