Robredo: Showing Murray Middle Finger was a Friendly Gesture

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Robredo Murray


Not only had tennis fans witnessed one of the longest and most entertaining matches on the ATP World Tour this season last Sunday in Valencia, they also treated to one of the most surprising handshakes at the net in recent memory – one that included two visible middle fingers.

Following the Shenzhen final last month, where Andy Murray saved five match points en route to the title, history once again repeated itself on Sunday afternoon in Valencia against Tommy Robredo, as Murray would duplicate his efforts to lift the Valencia title in a three-set thriller. Considering Murray had officially saved 10 match points against Robredo in the last few weeks and denied him two more titles, Robredo’s gesture at the net following the match was hardly a surprising one.


Speaking with the Spanish press following the loss, Robredo explained that, while he was disappointed that he lost, he was happy to have taken part in such a memorable affair.

“Andy told me… that it has been an incredible battle and a great match,” said Robredo. “When you’re about to beat a player like Murray, who is playing the Masters (Tour Finals), is amazing, put it on a DVD and see it again with popcorn, and a Coke.”

The Spaniard was also adamant that his gesture towards Murray at the end of the match was not to be mistaken for an angry or obscene one.

“Andy off the court is a ten, very proper, it is difficult to be angry with him…we both enjoyed the game and that is good for the people and the youth,” said Robredo.

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