Davis Cup 2015 Draw Announced, Riveting Rivalries Rekindled

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The Davis Cup by BNP Paribas has officially revealed the draw for the 2015 edition of the tournament.

According to the Davis Cup Regulations, the two finalist nations are seeded No. 1 and No. 2 in the World Group for the following year, and were drawn in opposite halves. Seeds 3-8 are in accordance with the latest ITF Davis Cup Nations Ranking of 15 September.

World Group

1. France
2. Switzerland
3. Czech Republic
4. Serbia
5. Argentina
6. Italy
7. USA
8. Canada

The seeded nations were drawn against the remaining World Group nations: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Kazakhstan.

Here is the full list of matches:

World Group

First round (6-8 March)
Germany [c] v France [s]
Great Britain [c] v USA [s]
Czech Republic [s] [c] v Australia
Kazakhstan [c] [*] v Italy [s]
Argentina [s] [c] v Brazil
Serbia [s] [c] v Croatia
Canada [s] [c] v Japan
Belgium [c] v Switzerland [s]

Americas Zone Group I

First round (6-8 March)
Colombia [s] v Bye
Uruguay v Bye
Barbados [c] v Dominican Republic
Ecuador [s] v Bye
Asia/Oceania Zone Group I
First round (6-8 March)
Uzbekistan [s] v Bye
Thailand [c] v Korea, Rep.
China, P. R. v Chinese Taipei or New Zealand
India [s] v Bye

Europe/Africa Zone Group I

First round (6-8 March)
Spain [s] v Bye
Russia [c] v Denmark
Netherlands [s] v Bye
Austria v Latvia or Sweden
Slovakia [c] [*] v Slovenia
[c] Romania v Israel [s]
Poland [c] v Lithuania
Ukraine [s] v Bye

Americas Zone Group II

First round (6-8 March)
Venezuela [s] [c] [*] v Costa Rica
Puerto Rico [c] v El Salvador [s]
Mexico [s] [c] [*] v Bolivia
Chile [s] [c] v Peru

Asia/Oceania Zone Group II

First round (6-8 March)
Chinese Taipei or New Zealand [s] v Lebanon
Philippines [s] [c] v Sri Lanka
Iran v Indonesia [s] [c]
Pakistan [s] [c] v Kuwait

[s] = Seeded nation
[c] = Choice of ground
[*] = Choice of ground decided by lot
The home nation is listed first for each tie.

The World Group dates for the 2015 Davis Cup by BNP Paribas are as follows:

World Group first round: 6-8 March
World Group quarterfinals: 17-19 July
World Group semifinals and play-offs: 18-20 September
World Group Final: 27-29 November

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