John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors Weigh In on Andy Murray’s Wimbledon Loss

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 Andy Murray Wimbledon


British No. 1 and defending champion Andy Murray crashed out of the Wimbledon Championships on Wednesday afternoon following a straight sets loss to budding Bulgarian talent Grigor Dimitrov, It was far from Murray’s best performance, even in a losing effort, and was a slight cause for concern to two of Wimbledon’s finest ever competitors in 3-time champion John McEnroe and 2-time champion Jimmy Connors.

McEnroe, a 7-time Grand Slam winner, was disappointed with Murray performance in the quarter-final, but was also highly complimentary about Dimitrov and his tactical approach to the contest.

“I found it interesting that Dimitrov said Murray was looking tired or flat in the warm-up. It’s a classic case of a hungrier guy that wanted it more against a guy who just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, didn’t seem to have the energy. Dimitrov was totally comfortable from the baseline, which I found amazing. One shot that made all the difference in the world to me – which is unusual in men’s tennis now – was the one-handed sliced backhand. It really bothered Murray. I’ve never seen Andy Murray miss more easy balls. Again, how much did it have to do with him having a terrible day and how much did it have to do with Dimitrov?”

McEnroe also had no interest in blaming Murray’s new coach Amelie Mauresmo for the Scot’s loss. She had extraordinary success coaching other competitors and he does not see any reason why that, in time, will not translate to Murray’s game as well.

“I think Mauresmo’s done an excellent job coaching other people. There’s no reason to suggest she can’t do a good job coaching Murray. It would be unfair to her to fire her, because there’s nothing you can do right before Wimbledon, when you’re trying to defend your title. Could I suggest the possible call to Lendl? I wouldn’t put it past the two of them. I think it would still be possible and possibly profitable for both of them. Having said that, I would give Amelie more of a chance.”

Jimmy Connors had similar things to say but with a different word set. He was clearly no happy with Murray’s inability to change up his gameplan when he was 2 sets down and simply handed Dimitrov the match in the end.

“Sometimes it is how you lose that counts. If you go out there and get hammered but fought to the very end and came out bloody, then you walk off with your head held high. It’s easy to say from here but when things are not working you should try to do something else. You have to mix some things up. When you are down two sets to love, you’ve still got to try to figure out a way to win.

“I noticed Murray looking up to his box a lot. Your coach can’t help you. You are down there by yourself.”


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