Andy Murray Believes Top Players and Tournaments Should Subsidy Low-End Events

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andy murray


British No. 1 Andy Murray suggests that the most successful players and tournaments could subsidy the events that develop the future generations in tennis.

While many look towards the upper echelon of the game, where players are racking millions of dollars yearly for their efforts, few realize that the majority of players on the smaller circuits are barley able to make a living for themselves.

“We want to make tennis a better sport and we want to make it easier for more players to make a living,” Murray told BBC’s Russell Fuller. “It’s not about making millions, it’s about being able to make a living. “

Murray divulged further into the issue, and revealed that many players chose to quit professional tennis at the age of 21 as they are placed in a position where they are losing money on the ITF tour. He believes this is due to the abhorrently low prize money on that circuit in comparison to the ATP World Tour.

There’s a lot of players that have to stop when they are 21 or 22 because they can’t afford to play the game because the prize money is not high enough.

“The Grand Slams obviously make a lot of money and the players at the top of the game could certainly help with that, too.”

It will be interesting to see if Murray’s comment pressure the ITF and several of the big tournaments to take action, as it is no longer an issue that can be ignored.

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