Andre Agassi Believes He Could “Contribute a Lot” in a Coaching Role

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With so many of tennis’ greats deciding to return to the game in high profile coaching roles, many believed it was only a matter of time before Andre Agassi joins the list. While the eight-time Grand Slam champion is happy to see the likes of Lendl and Becker in the spotlight once again, he is unlikely to join the ranks anytime soon.

“Seeing the game through someone else’s eyes and trying to figure out how to make them better, all that sounds like a very satisfying experience,” Agassi said in a conference call ahead of the World Tennis Day – London showdown. “I look at it from a distance and I love talking about the game, I love sharing insight about the game. I feel like I could certainly contribute a lot because I spent a lot of time learning and studying what the game is and what people are and what they need.”

Agassi clearly believes he has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with the new generation of competitors, yet believes the coaching role should be taken on only when scheduling allows so. The former world No. 1, who has two young children with his wife Steffi Graf,  is focusing more on family and his educational foundation these days.

“When you see Ivan [Lendl] and his kids are older now and grown — it is a different time in life for him,” Agassi said. “I don’t know much about Boris and what focus he has or responsibilities. It’s hard to speak for his reasons and motivations.”

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