Murray: I Wouldn’t Expect to Win the Australian Open

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Andy Murray has been candid in his belief that it would be “unrealistic” for him to win the Australian Open so soon following his recovery from back surgery. The British no. 1 has a rocky start to his 2014 season as he lost to Florian Mayer in the second round of the Qatar Open in Doha. He had not taken part in a professional match since a September Davis Cup tie against Croatia.

“I wouldn’t expect to win the Australian Open. I’m just saying that I know that I’ve trained hard and physically I’ve done a lot of good work,” he told the Independent. “But here was a perfect example of how you can be the fittest guy in the world but if you don’t play matches it’s completely different to anything we do in the gym or anything like that. It would be unrealistic to expect to win the Australian Open, but I may start to feel better if I can get through a match or two.”

Murray was offered wild-cards for both Sydney and Auckland but has opted not to take part in a tournament and to practice instead. The Scot has reached the Australian Open final three times but is simply unable to gauge where he stands at this stage of his recovery. He believes the day off between matches in Grand Slam tournaments will favour him and will give him an opportunity to recover and “get fitter.”

“It’s tough to gauge. The way I was playing for half the match against Mayer I would be very happy with, but being able to maintain that for five sets is tricky,” he said. “Having a day off between matches would help me and also I’m going to get fitter by playing matches, so there’s a possibility that if I can get through a couple of rounds I’ll start to feel better as the tournament goes on. My body will start to feel better.”

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