Matosevic Says Australian Crowd Lacks Etiquette

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Marinko Matosevic was certainly unhappy following his gruelling five-set loss to Kei Nishikori in the opening round of the Australian Open. It was the Australian’s 12 consecutive first round loss at a Grand Slam event and he clearly took his frustrations out following the match.

Of the many factors that bothered Matosevic throughout the match, his main issue was with the time violations incurred by the chair umpire.

“That was bull***,” Matosevic said. “When have you seen that? A guy’s taking his bottle to the back of the court [during a game]. He can do it, I’ll take a drink.

“The other thing is, I shouldn’t have gotten the first time warning either for equipment. My hat like went loose. The thing broke at the back. I went to change back and [the chair umpire’s] like, ‘I’m going to give you a time violation.’ I’m like, ‘Okay.’ The next one was a really important game. Just kept on going back and forth. He went to get a drink, so I went to get a drink. She calls a point penalty. Nothing I can do.”

Matosevic was also frustrated with the continuous chants of “Mad Dog”, a nickname he swears he never used on himself. He also criticized the crowd for their lack of etiquette throughout the encounter.

“Hearing the stupid nickname—it’s not my nickname. Some idiot put it on Wikipedia,” he added.

The world No. 54 also criticized his coach, Mark Woodforde, for not being vocal enough. He says he lacked the necessary support and expected more from his coach.

“I wanted my coach to vocally support me, but he wouldn’t,” he said. “I’ve spoken about it before. Not disappointed in the lack of support. Some players need verbal support, some don’t. I’m a player that likes it and needs it and wants it. So if my coach is just going to sit there and clap, I expect more.”

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