Henman: Lendl Had a Huge Impact on Murray Mentally and Psychologically

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Ivan Lendl


Former four-time Wimbledon semi-finalist Tim Henman spoke to media members today at the Statoil Masters event at the Royal Albert Hall and mentioned that he does not subscribe to the belief that his fellow countryman Andy Murray would not have won the Wimbledon title had he not had coach Ivan Lendel by his side.

“I don’t think you can say that Andy won Wimbledon just because of Lendl. A coach is only as good as a player, and Andy is a phenomenal player. Has Lendl had an impact on Andy? In my opinion, absolutely. Mentally and psychologically, it’s great for Andy to have someone in his corner who has been through exactly the same things that he’s going through now.

So Andy has had the confidence that he’s working in the right areas and doing the right things. That must be reassuring.”

When asked whether Lendel has changed any aspects of Murray’s game, Henman says that it was more of an adjustment to his style rather than any actual change.

“Technically, I don’t think Lendl has changed much, but he’s helped with Andy’s game style, and getting the right balance between proactive and reactive, and looking to dictate, and making sure that he stays on his forehand and doesn’t spin off his forehand. These are very minor adjustments but at this level, these very small things can make a difference.”

The former British no. 1 will meet Patrick Rafter in the finals of the Statoil Masters event tomorrow evening.

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