Federer to Begin Using Larger Racquet Frame in 2014

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Roger Federer


17-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer has arrived in Brisbane and is preparing for his first encounter in the second round of the tournament, having received a bye through opening round. The Swiss star has made some interesting changes ahead of the new season, as he revealed that Swedish legend Stefan Edberg will be joining his team for a minimum of 10 weeks for the Australian Open. Apart from the radical coaching change, Federer has also revealed that he will begin using a larger racquet frame in starting with the Brisbane International.

Roger admit he was “very eager” to test out the new racquet, which he revealed is not the same model he attempted to use following his second round Wimbledon exit. While he is yet to play his first match with the 98-inch Wilson, says he is comfortable with this frame and does not believe that he will go back to playing with his old 95-inch racquet.

“It’s one that Wilson worked on and adjusted after my comments,” he said.  “They anyway wanted to do some more work on that racquet.  They sent me one round of racquets after the US Open, and now another one after the World Tour Finals I tested again a couple and chose the one I’m playing with now, that I’ve been practicing with two and a half straight weeks in Dubai with it. I feel very comfortable, more comfortable than I did with the one after Wimbledon, which felt very different but very good as well.  This one feels more of an extension that I had before, but it’s more futuristic form, I guess.

I’m actually very eager to see how it’s going to react in the matches now.”


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One thought on “Federer to Begin Using Larger Racquet Frame in 2014

  1. Hi Karim. It will be interesting to see Rog play with the new racquet. Although I’ve personally been of the opinion that his falling behind the top 2 has had more to do with losing foot speed than the racquet, I do hope that it can give his game a boost. However, I the article needs some editing, as Rog has played with a 90 (not a 95) inch racquet for the past decade (and started on tour with an 85 inch one, the one that Pete used). Cheers!

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