Maria Sharapova Details Spat with Serena Williams

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Maria Sharapova


Maria Sharapova may be sidelined nursing a shoulder injury, but that has not stopped her from taking part in interviews and making tennis headlines with her apparent rivalry with Serena Williams.  The Russian superstar admits that there is no animosity between herself and the World no. 1 following their spat during the Wimbledon Championships this year.

“We haven’t spoken too much about it,” she told The Wall Street Journal. “But we did [put it behind us]. We left a lot of what had happened in London.”

The issue between the two stars stems from an interview that Williams gave to Rolling Stone prior to Wimbledon, where she appeared to take a slight dig at Sharapova’s relationship with Bulgarian no. 1 Grigor Dimitrov. In response, Sharapova snapped back by mentioning Serena’s more secret relationship with coach, Patrick Mouratoglou.

“If she wants to talk about something personal, maybe she should talk about her relationship and her boyfriend that was married and is getting a divorce and has kids,” Sharapova said during her pre-tournament news conference at Wimbledon. “She has so much in her life, many positives, and I think that’s what it should be about.”

Williams apologized for her comments the following day and mentioned that her comment was not in reference to Grigor Dimitrov.

“I’ve always been tough,” Sharapova said. “It’s won me a lot in life. I’m not the strongest girl, I’m not the fastest girl on the court, but I’ve been extremely tough and it’s brought me many titles, many victories and many smiles.”

While they may not be friends, Sharapova admits that Williams has earned her professional respect due to her magnificent accomplishments, particularly at her age.

“I think Serena has done an incredible job on the court. Her tennis has spoken for itself in the last however many years she’s competed. The amount of Grand Slams that she’s been able to win, especially at her age now, still competing at the highest level and maybe her best level yet, speaks a lot to what she’s accomplished.

Sharapova hasn’t played since since the Western & Southern Open after the US Open because of a shoulder injury. It is her second serious shoulder injury, which makes her consider what life may be like without tennis.

“At the end of the day, it is tennis that’s brought us all these other things. But I think it’s also how you use it and how you want to use it. Not many players have the interest to do other things, which is OK, because if we’re good enough at what we do, if we’re successful, if we make the right amount of money, some people don’t have to. We have the luxury not to. I think it’s a choice.”

“I’ve played tennis since I was 4 years old, so the idea of not playing tennis and not having anything to do at all actually scares me,” she said.

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34 thoughts on “Maria Sharapova Details Spat with Serena Williams

  1. Spiteful person. Cold to all her fellow female competitors. Since she has been out with shoulder injury no female tennis player has offered her any support. You reap what you sow Sharapova.

  2. ClareLeach Do you think there are few sponsors who have Sharapova? Do you think she needs more. Serena can wins 100 GS, but never have the sponsorship, fame or recognition that has Sharapova. Just let’s see how she (Serena of course) behaves on the court with her rivals and with the same staff working there, she´s so vulgar.

  3. Oscar Mendoza ClareLeach Sorry but you do need support. When Nadal and Serena were out with injuries that were life threatening both of them received tremendous support from other competitors; Serena primarily from Wozniacki and Nadal from Murray and Federer.
    Both Maria and Serena have plenty of money. Grand slams matter more to a tennis player than sponsorships and to me. That is why Graf, Martina, Chris Evert and Billie Jean King are remembered even today. Not because of their sponsorship deals but of the fact that they are 4 of the greats! Look at Serena staff alot of them have been with her for years. If she was so awful she would not keep her staff. Sascha Bajin has been with Serena for over 8 years. Maria hires Jimmy Connors and sacks him after one defeat! Yes one defeat! What a child and what a cow!

  4. Oscar Mendoza ClareLeach Sharapova is just a manufactured product. You can spend your time obsessing over a marketing product. While, Sharapova can have all the sponsorship and media attention she deserves, but the person that is going to be remembered as one of tennis’ greatest of all time, will be Serena. Money and attention ain’t nothing, over real passion and talent. Serena ain’t perfect, but she brings her whole self to the court and that’s the sport and the athlete I want to be watching. Perhaps, if more people were “vulgar” like Serena, then they could perhaps be more of a threat or a competition to her.
    Sharapova sucks. End of story. Overrated, big time.

  5. @james h Oscar Mendoza ClareLeach She is vulgar man, vulgar and ordinary woman. Maybe there are the reasons why she haven´s more sponsorship that Sharapova.

  6. Oscar Mendoza ClareLeach Good 4 you. While Serena spent the Summer breaking records,
    Maria spent her time giving interviews rehashing her spat with Serena when both ladies did not look good. Or and yes attending fashion shows and promoting her Sugarpova range – good choice Maria with so many children in the Western world having a problem with obesity.

  7. ClareLeach Oscar Mendoza What demagogue are U. If you are from USA, looks your people there 50% of obesity, like yourt Serena.

  8. Oscar Mendoza Serena 17 time grandslam champion. 4 time Olympic Gold Champion, 15 grand slam doubles titles. Year end champion and No 1 with 11 titles, a 78 wins/4 losses record and $12.4 million prize money record for playing yes TENNIS. Maria – no grandslams this year and a dicky shoulder. Who had the better year? Certainly not Sharapova.

  9. ClareLeach Oscar Mendoza Nothing new for me, your information. At least Sharapoba don´t need doping and it locked in the panic room for protect herself of  the agents who would make the tests.

  10. Oscar Mendoza ClareLeach No proof yet again. Try harder with solid authenicated evidence. In light of the suspension of Troicki and Cilic  for doping offences your comments make no sense at all.

  11. ClareLeach Oscar Mendoza What do you wants? proof of theft? Just looks her body and consults expert people in controlled substances. There is not evidence because the WTA avoid an scandal. Serena only has 1 to 3 test in the year and always she has an excuse to let them.

  12. Oscar Mendoza ClareLeach You are talking rubbish. Serena is a naturally muscular person. Big boned like her parents. You have no proof and no esteemed commentator believes she is doping. Serena was this size in 2007 when she beat Maria to a pulp in the Australian Open final. Yes, I remember the final well and remember Maria’s tears of frustration well too. So your quote of ‘1-3  years’ left in her career has no relevance.

  13. ClareLeach Oscar Mendoza ¿Natural muscular? You´r very funny. Natural muscular is Alison Feliz, no Serena, come on! be real, not a fan.

  14. Oscar Mendoza ClareLeach  I am being real. Alison Felix is slender and muscular. She has a different build to Serena. From the beginning of her career Serena was always muscular. Hard Training and years have made her more so. Yet again you have no proof. If she was doping in 2007 she would have been exposed no? If you do not trust the strident drug system set up by the ITF you should maybe write to them with your ‘evidence’ and watch yourself being laughed at by the official. Show me solid proof that is a positive test or please stop your unfounded accusations, because you are starting to look really stupid and uneducated. Continue in your same vein and it will surely confirm my view of you.

  15. ClareLeach Oscar Mendoza I don´t have to proof nothing to you deluded.  Muscular it´s not the same that fat. She´s fat, but a fat doped.

  16. Why do people repeat the same garbage about Serena over and over? Their comments are just as vulgar and offensive as hers. It’s ok to voice your opinion and make comments about her, but if she say one thing that you do not agree with then the third grade name calling commence. You do not have like her but her game is the best. No one compares to Serena and she keep people like you talking about her.

  17. Nuria Llagostera Vives a spanish female tennis player was tested positive for a banned drug and was given  2 year suspension. Proof that real cheats do get caught.

  18. ClareLeach Sharapova has openly stated that she does not want to be friends with her competition. That’s her choice.

  19. Oscar Mendoza ClareLeach There is always a bitter troll like Oscar who tries to “rationalize” the sadness Maria has over not being able to beat Serena. “Oh Maria is beautiful and have money.” LOL. Maria started the feud with Serena b/c it wasn’t confirmed about who Serena was talking about in her interview. The interviewer decided it was Maria once Serena wouldn’t tell him who she was talking about in her PRIVATE conversation.
    At the end of the day, karma caught up with Maria and she hasn’t won a match since she put her mouth on Serena.  NOBODY will remember or care how much money Maria makes. Serena is still worth more money and isn’t hurting in the money making department. But, Maria is hurting in the title winning department. She will go down in history as someone who was GIVEN opportunities b/c she’s blond, white, and tall…Kornikova (squared). 
    Well, my little wetback mexican I guess you swam to america and has an attitude…LOL. If Serena’s obese give me what she’s having b/c she’s fast as lightening and made your no-game, no-boob, no-butt, 45 year old looking broad shoulder having Sharapova cry like a wimp after gifting her one game at the Olympics in front of millions and seen by even more around the world. You’re bitter just like Maria…get a life.

  20. ClareLeach Oscar Mendoza Don’t argue with that nasty wetback mexican fag. He just wants to be Maria and probably is in the maria with a rainbow tutu on screeching just like his broad shoulder, cock-eyed, yellow toothed, Chlsea Handler lesbian girlfriend sharapova does on court. First off, no matter what he says about Serena…count how many boyfriends Serena has had and count how many 7 foot tall tranny Sharapova has had. HAHA. So, at the end of the day, he’s bitter just like Maria.

  21. OSCAR MENDOZA ARE YOU BOTTOM GAY?. From your posture in this pic one can tell who you are. Are you afraid of Serena?. she would not fuck you but she will do your mama. I will do you if you are ovulating. We know you when will see your pic or hear you talk. I mean it I will fuck your bottom, you look very nice to me. Good girl Oscar

  22. Yes I ve checked Oscar out. He is a bloody SHE. Pls check out her pics and you will see where he spread himself out like a babe. They just don’t hate Serena for no reason, check them out first you will know why. Oscar I will shag you. hating Serena will not take away your DNA composition. Beautiful Oscar will fuck a black cock

  23. Oscar Mendoza  ClareLeach Speakthetruth2 
    Sharapova’s aesthetics appeal to investors, marketers, businesses and sponsors- thus why she is paid so much. It is not envy, or jealousy … this is an obvious deduction from the clear evidence out there. Sharapova does not have a good attitude and if you have watched her interviews; she is fake and inconsistent. I simply do not get the hype and I don’t think people will ever realise, at what a fake manufactured product she truly is.
    In response to claiming that Serena is doping due to her physical build; that’s simply racist and sexist. You’re implying because Serena, is African American that she cannot be muscular, so that she must be doping. Women are physically capable of naturally being muscular with considerable exercise- how can you make a judgement and say that it is not “OK” for women to be muscular? As for whether Serena is doping or not; there are no proven facts thus your statements and conclusion are invalid. You can support those conspiracy theories, but until it is proven valid, you are in no position to take away Serena’s accomplishments.
    Your statements and conclusions are just pure hate, without any real reason.

  24. Oscar Mendoza ClareLeach your idiotic comment about Serena shows that you have no clue on what she has achieved.

  25. ClareLeach Screamapova is lying, she is not suffering from any shoulder injury, she just is terrified of facing Serena for those lowdown comments she made at Wimbledon and more butt whippings she has coming to her from Serena

  26. Oscar Mendoza you are just a poor hater probably still living in your parents basement, can’t get a job but hates Serena because she is so successful.  Maria Screamapova is a Serena Williams hater too, she would love but Never will accomplish what Serena has, plus Serena’s net worth is over 100 million dollars and Maria is about 90 million, you pathetic loser, get a real life

  27. Oscar Mendoza You are a poor trailer court living hater, are you saying the same thing about a Sam Stosur because she is very muscular, arms are as big like a man’s

  28. Speakthetruth2 ClareLeach Oscar Mendoza ha ha ha, that was funny Speakthetruth2 what you said about Oscar minniedoza, he/she or “shem” is a idiot and need immediate mental medication

  29. This “spat” over Grigor has been so erroneously reported. There is NO evidence Serena ever dated Grigor. In fact when you google the two of them you can only find one photo of them even in the same room. Serena has a “type”. It’s usually a strong male who is 10 years older. She dated the rapper Common, the director Ratner, former NFL stars LaVar Arrington and Keyshawn Johnson. All these guys are “alpha males” who are 10 years older than her. Grigor is a baby who looks like a teen. That is so not her type.

  30. Anna Kournikova received far more endorsements than Steffi Graf. But years later, who is taken serious? Sharapova will be remembered for being a really good tennis player and 4-time Grand Slam champ who made tons of money off the court, but could not compete with Williams on the court. And when I say Williams, I’m including Venus. Because it’s Venus, not Sharapova, who has the second most Grand Slam titles (7) of all active players.

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