Lleyton Hewitt on Retiring: I Don’t Know When I’ll be Stopping

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Lleyton Hewitt ATP Tour


Two-time Grand Slam champion Lleyton Hewitt says he has not plans on retiring anytime soon and intends on at least playing out the entire 2014 season, barring injuries. The Australian star compiled a 24-18 record on the tour this season, reached one final and holds three wins over top 10 players.

“I don’t know when I’ll be stopping, but I’ll be playing out the whole year regardless,” Hewitt said of his 2014 schedule.

Not only does the World no. 61 intend on competing throughout 2014, he even boldy stated that he would like to “get another crack” at the Wimbledon championships, a title he won once in 2002. Considering he holds wins over Stanislas Wawrinka and Juan Martin del Potro at the US Open this year, the former World no. 1 believes he is still able to compete at the highest level.

“I want to have another crack at Wimbledon for sure and I feel if I can get more matches under my belt going into Wimbledon that will hold me in a better stead.”

Hewitt admits that he has been able to get into fantastic shape after finally healing from the endless surgeries that plagued the later stages of his career. He is now able to do more cardio exercises and can even enjoy a daily jog.

“Even now, I feel like I can go up that little more purely in terms of fitness because back years ago I used to do a lot of running and then I wasn’t able to do that because of all the surgeries,” he said. “I just couldn’t run on the treadmill or on the road because of my toe, I was in too much pain. Now, I’ve been running most days and feeling great because of it. The body’s great, really good.”

The Aussie had recently suffered another injury scare during the Davis Cup playoffs in September but it appears to be nothing more than a minor injury.

“The last few weeks I had a bit of a wrist issue, but it’s settled down now. It flared up after Davis Cup time in Poland, but I’ve had it looked at and it’s fine. The toe, the legs are all feeling great. I’ve been able to do a whole heap of fitness, so it’s all good.”

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