Feliciano Lopez: The Anti-Doping System is a Disgrace

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Feliciano Lopez


Spain’s Feliciano Lopez recently spoke out regarding the recent anti-doping issues facing the tennis community. The World No. 28 even went so far as to say that the entire process has become a disgrace.

“The anti-doping system in which we are entrusting us now is a disgrace. I think it’s really wrong to have to communicate every day where I am. I find it incredible that we got up to this point. remember that in Australia, four or five years ago he created havoc during a meeting, people were outraged. It’s one thing to be controlled, is another treat us all as if we were criminals. It is not my fault if the Operacion Puerto was a scandal in the sports world. Alejandro Blanco, President of the Spanish Olympic Committee, has publicly admitted.’s not the fault of the players if the Spanish justice system has failed to solve the problem of doping in our country. From that moment we all Spanish athletes are convicted. One of the reasons why the IOC has entrusted the Olympic Games in Madrid in 2020 was its doping. We are paying for something that did not depend on us. as decided by the Spanish court sull’Operacion Puerto was a shame, as everything that happens in Spain. justice does not work here, it is a fact.”

Lopez recalled WADA attempt to test him and mentioned how unprofessional they were about the process. Following a late email, the agents arrived in the early hours of the morning and called him. Lopez says he never received the call and almost risked a suspension due to their incompetence.

“I was sent to a WADA-mail indicating a shift in the availability, email came late . So, they came to my house the agents of WADA at seven in the morning the next day, but I was not there. They also told me that they had tried to reach me by phone but I never received that call. know also that they are went to ask the concierge if you were at home or not, but he knew nothing about it. I risked being disqualified for this reason. Sounds like a right thing? Call me a cheater if I have to be punished, if I take banned substances but not for a bureaucratic problem . Located in Valencia, for example, I played my game and doubles eight in the evening I was subjected to a urine and blood knowing that the next day I had to play the first round in singles. What are we talking about?

And ‘the worst is that you can not do anything to oppose. ”

The Spaniard also made clear that he is completely convinced of Cilic and Troicki’s innocence in their respective cases. He blames the bureaucracy in the system and the lack of leniency in particular cases.

“I am absolutely convinced that Marin has not taken anything prohibited as well as Victor. I have a close relationship with him and I can say that this day has refused to carry out the control but the day after he had gone to collect blood. This shows that it wanted to avoid the test but simply send it back for 24 hours. seems strange to say but we can not take a Frenadol. I understand that sport should be clean but this is not the right way to make it so, should disqualify you if you use illegal drugs, not bad if you fill out a form”

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