Federer: Anti-Doping Agencies Shouldn’t Treat Players Like Criminals

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Federer Wimbledon


Former World no. 1 Roger Federer spoke out regarding the anti-doping testing procedures following questions regarding Viktor Troicki, who has been suspended for 12 months by the ITF for violating an anti-doping policy several months back. The Swiss no. 1 made clear his feelings towards the situation in general and stressed the importance of following the rules completely and entirely.

The 17-time Grand Slam champion explained that it is necessary to follow the rules to prevent any potential complications such as these from arising but also hinted that Troicki had been treated unfairly in this particular situation. He stressed that anti-doping authorities need to change the way they treat players as they are not criminals.

“It’s very important that they treat us like normal human beings and not criminals. It’s fine to treat a guy bad if he tested positive, he needs to feel the pain, but not if you haven’t done anything yet, and that seems to be the case,” Federer stated.

“I don’t know the conversation, the situation, exactly what happened,” Federer said. “It’s very important, I guess, the chaperone, the guy who comes and is next to you like a shadow, sometimes you don’t know who that guy is. Sometimes they’re a little hesitant because you just lost a match and you look extremely angry, so they don’t dare to talk to you. They should probably just introduce themselves and say what is going on.”

Nadal was also sympathetic towards Troicki’s situation and stated that he believes him “100 percent.”

“We have rules,” Rafa said following his win on Wednesday. “We can like [the rules] or not, but we have rules. I am very sorry for Viktor because I believe 100 percent in him. Probably the doctor make the mistake. But he knows that he has to pass the doping [test].”

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