Djokovic: The War Had An Impact on My Approach to Tennis

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Novak Djokovic


World No. 2 Novak Djokovic is quickly cementing his place amongst the tennis greats. From his near-perfect 2011, to his incredible consistency on the tour, the Serb has certainly become one of the main attractions for fans around the world. Currently on a tour in South America, Djokovic spoke with La Nacion about the impact of tennis in his life.

“The war had an impact on my approach to professional tennis and also to dedicate more to the sport,” he told La Nacion. “War is something that no one would want. It’s destruction, the loss of families and loved ones. Families are ruined and the country that was attacked takes many years to recuperate. Later, one feels the consequences of it. But the positive aspect of war, if you can say that, is that many people come together to find the pure strength to overcome anything that they have been challenged by. In war everyone loses something, it’s devastating. That’s why tennis has been a blessing in my life.”

Djokovic believes his surroundings fully influenced his mental preparation for the sport. Serbia was a nation in war and did not have the means to create professional athletes, particularly in somewhat niche sports such as tennis. He was lucky to have family that was devoted to improving on his talent and driving him to become a champion.

“Tennis has given me so many positive things in my life,” he said. “In my family nobody played tennis before me. When I was four I saw it on TV, my dad and my mom had a restaurant in the mountains in Serbia. I saw how they were built and I fell in love with it. My love for the sport is great. In a certain way tennis has saved my life.

I was quite lucky to have a father who believed so much in me and my skills, I was also surrounded during my childhood by people who knew a lot about tennis and that gave me the focus to be a champion. And beyond that I came from a country at war and in an economic crisis, when it was virtually impossible to be a professional tennis player.”

In the end, Djokovic admits that his appreciation for tennis extends past his sporting success. Tennis has allowed him to travel the world and develop a far more cultured perspective on the world.

“The sport has given me everything, even more than sporting success. It gave [me the ability] to travel the world, meet people, [experience different] cultures, and for me, the greatest values ​​in life are good friends and to have good relationships with people.”

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