Troicki Confident Ahead of Appeal: “I Am Fighting for the Truth”

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The International Tennis Federation suspended Serbian No. 2 Viktor Troicki (Player Profile) several months back for failing to provide a blood sample when prompted to do so in Monte Carlo. The ITF stated that the athlete was in violation of clear anti-doping rules and would be suspended for 18 months for his actions.

The 27-year-old player  was notified on 15 April 2013 that he had been selected to provide a urine sample and a blood sample in association with his participation at the Rolex Monte Carlo Masters event. Troicki provided a urine sample and asked if it would be acceptable not to provide a sample on account of him “feeling unwell that day.” Soon after, the ITF and independent tribunal determined that the Serbs actions “constituted a failure and a refusal to provide a blood sample, and that his explanation for not doing so did not constitute  compelling justification under Article 2.3.”

Troicki, currently ranked at No. 69, will appear before the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne on October 9th.

“I am really relieved that we finally have a date and that it is already next week. It has been a very long waiting period, in which I tried to stay focused and continued training.”

The former World No. 12 will attend the hearing personally and is confident is his appeal.

“I will attend in person for sure. I am fighting for the truth and I will do it as hard as I can,” he said. “I feel confident. Reading all the papers of the previous trial in London, I can’t understand why I have been sanctioned, especially this hard.”

Troicki’s only interest is that the presiding judges thoroughly examine the situation and evidence placed before them as he is confident that the truth will prevail in the end.

“I really hope they will turn around the decision of the ITF,” he said. “I have done nothing wrong, apart from following the instructions of the doping control officer. I even asked for a doctor to be called to the room, but she said she was in charge and showed me her diplomas.

“I really put all my hopes in the judges that will decide in Lausanne. I hope they take their time and that they really find the truth. I don’t even want to think about anything else.”

If the appeal is unsuccessful, the suspension placed on Troicki means that he would not be able to return to tennis competition until January 24, 2015.

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