Rumours Abound about Serena Williams and her Coach (Boyfriend) Mouratoglou

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Celebrities and sports personalities have often been part of ‘will they, wont they’ romances that are played out in the press, but when it comes to Serena Williams (Player Profile) and her coach Patrick Mouratoglou it is more like have they, haven’t they and are they still?

The pair have never openly admitted to being anything more than player and coach, but the media and especially the tennis writing press have largely ignored this fact and assumed that they are a couple, to the point that there are now rumours about the so-called ‘couple’ having split up.

Following the US Open Serena Williams returned to her family home and complained in her blog about mould issues which forced her and her kids to share her sister Venus’ bedroom, but meanwhile Mouratoglou was adding fuel to the media fire by continually posting photographs on Facebook of he and Serena together away from the tennis court.

Serena herself has on occasion added to the speculation about the pair’s relationship when claiming in an interview that they ‘shared something special’, but more recently has seemingly sought to clarify this statement as a purely player-coach connection by claiming that she ‘does not mix business with pleasure.’

These seemingly mixed messages are largely what has led to the split opinion over whether the pair have actually never been a couple, or have now ended a private relationship which they tried to keep away from the glare of the media. Whatever the truth of the matter, the whole media circus of speculation can’t have helped the two to operate properly in their professional capacities and makes the fact that Serena did capture the US Open title even more impressive in the grand scheme of things.

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5 thoughts on “Rumours Abound about Serena Williams and her Coach (Boyfriend) Mouratoglou

  1. A Caucasian journalist posting this picture of a black woman athlete to narrate his story ….really? Of all the thousands of Serena pics during the USO, is this what you got? Your agenda is clear; attract racists and haters so they can analyze and insult Serena’s body parts. Pathetic!!!!!!!!!

  2. pios73137 come on now. Whats wrong with the photo? She’s an amazing physical specimen and I for one would not argue with her.

  3. Of  all the photos you have available of Serena during the USA Open, you opted for this one.   There is a saying , that the Mind is everything; what you think you become.

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