Martina Hingis and Estranged Husband Locked in Violent Conflict

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Martina Hingis (Player Bio), the ever-popular female tennis player known as the ‘Swiss Miss’ throughout her career, has taken a dramatic fall from grace in the last year thanks to unbelievable and bizarre revelations from her estranged husband Thibault Hutin.

Hutin revealed back in July that within a year of their marriage he had walked in on Hingis cheating on him with another man, and after forgiving her and taking her back was a victim of further infidelity on the part of the former female world number one. Whilst this was enough to suggest that Hingis was no saint, and perhaps didn’t live up to the clean cut image that she projected throughout her tennis career it is Hutin’s latest claims that show the story to have taken an even more drastic and surprising turn.

Mr Hutin claims that on Monday of last week he was at the apartment which he shares with Hingis when his estranged wife, her mother and her mother’s boyfriend Mario Widmer all arrived and proceeded to violently attack him. According to Hutin his upbringing meant that he could not respond to the violence of the two women, but he did resist the efforts of Widmer who attempt to hit him over the head with a DVD player.

Hutin also alleges that the trio stole his passport and credit cards, and that he was forced to bring a police officer to the apartment to force them to return his valuables. Whilst they have not provided any details, the local police have confirmed that they did respond to a domestic disturbance at the residence at around 19.15 on Monday night.

Hingis’ camp have since responded to the story, first reported in the Blick newspaper, by saying that the allegations are total nonsense, and the story will undoubtedly continue to roll on.

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