Roland Garros Hawkeye

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The Australian Open, Wimbledon, the US Open and the Olympics all take advantage of Hawk-Eye on their featured courts. Roland Garros does not.

Bad line calls are an inevitable part of professional tennis.  With Hawk-Eye, the technology exists to minimize the impact of these calls on the outcome of a match.

“There are ball marks on clay” according to Tournament Director Gilbert Ysern.
“Our chair umpires are used to checking the marks when needed so why would we need Hawk-Eye?”

What about those times when it’s difficult to even find the correct mark?

At Roland Garros 2013 Maria Sharapova experienced just that:
“For me it was the fact that the umpire did not recognize that the mark he pointed out was about a foot away from the actual mark.  The other grand slams have Hawk-Eye … I know these types of situations happen, although much more rarely on the clay. Why don’t we have a system like this? I mean, is it a money concern? I don’t think so. This is just absolute proof that it can happen in any situation.”

Bob Bryan has even gone so far as to use a camera phone to shoot a contested mark on court resulting in a fine.


Hawk-Eye is not a perfect system with a margin of error at 3.6mm on clay according to Hawk-Eye Innovations.

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