Best Running Shoes Reviews – Nike Running Shoes Review

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Stevegtennis brings you some of the best running shoes reviews that will help you pick the right shoe when excercising. Running is a great way to stay fit for tennis players. But one shouldn’t wear their normal tennis shoes when going out for a run as they are designed for lateral movement and quick side to side turns on a court. Running shoes are created for forward motion and often have more cushioning at the toe and heel than regular tennis shoes. Another difference is weight and size. Tennis shoes tend to be larger to provide extra support especially around the ankle. Running shoes, in order to provide maximum speed for its wearer, are usually smaller, lighter and offer less support.

With so many running shoes available, it is important to try on as many models as possible to find the one that feels the best for you and suits your feet. To get you started, here’s a look at some of the latest offerings this spring. Note: Shoes listed are available for both men and women.

Nike Lunar Eclipse








With a stiffer heel and an internal wedge of foam to help prevent overpronation, this new shoe from Nike provides extra support without sacrificing a lightweight feel. This is a great pick for those who want both support without losing feel when hitting the track.

New Balance 890 V3








For those who train every day and need a shoe that can keep up, the New Balance 890 V3 could be what you are looking for. This shoe has exceptional cushioning in the heel and forefoot while providing adding flexibility. A wide, padded collar gives you extra support and comfort. Definitely a shoe for avid runners.

K-Swiss Blade Light Run II






If you want an ultra-light shoe than can handle daily use, check out the K-Swiss Blade Light Run II. K-Swiss has repositioned the midsole on this model to allow a smoother feel during a runner’s gait. Though weighing in at just over eight ounces, this shoe is also one of the most flexible out there. Wearing this K-Swiss model may make you feel like you aren’t wearing shoes at all.

Nike Flyknit Lunar1+







Using a unique stitching and construction method, this new model from Nike is quite an advance in running shoes. Basically the shoe is made out of one whole piece of material from start to finish. That allows the wearer to feel extra comfortable while also pushing their midsole closer to the ground. While your feet will never move inside the shoe, this bold new model will have you running even more. Great for everyday training and races.

Merrill Road Glove 2

If you are looking to transition to a minimal shoe, check out the Merrill Road Glove 2. Merrill is known for creating some of the lightest shoes out there and this new model doesn’t disappoint. The thin midsole will barely touch the surface but there’s enough cushioning inside to cope with rough terrain. A wide front provides extra comfort for your toes.

When trying out these or any new running shoes, but sure to consider your foot size, any foot conditions and the type and amount of running you plan to do. Consult with your doctor or health provider before starting a running program for the first time.

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