Serena Williams Wilson Blade 104 Racquet Review

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Serena Williams is one of the sport’s greatest champions, but she couldn’t have won 15 Grand Slam singles titles without feeling comfortable with her racquet. Here’s a look at her weapon of choice — the Wilson Blade 104. Check out the Serena Williams Racket in our shop.

Some may be surprised to learn that the Wilson Blade 104 is a mid-size racquet with an extended 27.5 inch length and 104 square inch head. These extended dimensions provide players with extra reach on serves and volleys and the larger head size ensures better contact with the ball even if you are late on some shots. The racquet is not too heavy or too light making it perfect for intermediate players who need extra help generating pace. But advanced players will like the frame’s overall balanced feel as it will help them swing faster on groundstrokes and apply extra power when needed.

Those who love to rush the net and put away volleys will love this racquet’s smooth feel up at net. Doubles players who like to hit swinging cutaways as well carve into the ball for delicate drop shots will enjoy the variety this racquet offers. The enlarged sweet spot on this frame will be a favorite of baseliners who will like the extra pop it puts on their groundstrokes.

Wilson Blade 104


Head Size: 104 sq. in. / 670.97 sq. cm.

Length: 27.5in / 69.85cm

Strung Weight: 10.7oz / 303.34g

Balance: 8 pts HL

Swingweight: 308

Stiffness: 60

Beam Width: 22.5mm / 22.5mm / 22.5mm /

String Pattern: 18 x 19


The 18×19 string pattern provides maximum control on every shot though players who like to hit with more spin may want to add a spin-friendly, co-poly string to help them in that area. The Wilson Blade 104 comes equipped with Wilson’s Amplifeel technology and standard leather grip.

Overall, the Wilson Blade 104 is a great racquet for intermediate players who are looking for a easy to handle racquet that will give them extra reach on every shot. Advanced players who can generate their own power will find this frame will give them maximum control and just enough spin when they need it. This is also a must-test racquet for anyone who plays doubles as hitting volleys with it is a cinch.

The Wilson Blade 104 is the frame of choice for Serena Williams. It’s such a great, all-court friendly racquet that even Venus Williams uses it as well. Though you may not be able to hit your serves or groundstroke with the same ferocity as Williams, her racquet will certainly help boost your game no matter what level you play at.

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