Rafael Nadal Babolat Aero Drive 2013 Racket Review

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Rafael Nadal is back to his very best after a comeback to the tennis courts at the beginning of 2013. We bring you the review of his Babolat Aero Drive 2013 racquet.

When first hitting with the new Aero Drive, you will notice right away the solid response the racquet gives you on each shot. Now updated with new Active Corex technology, this new model feels a bit more smooth from shot to shot which is a nice upgrade. Groundstrokes can be hit with as much power as you can generate, though again this is not a frame that will increase power on your shots if that’s what you are looking for in a new racquet.

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    Head Size: 100 sq. in/645.16 sq. cm

    Length: 27in /68.58cm

    Strung Weight: 11.30oz/320.35g

    Balance: 4 pts HL

    Swingweight: 316

    String Pattern: 16 x 19



A very maneuverable racquet at 11.3 ounces or 320.35 grams, the Aero Drive will enable you to hit with as much spin as you like. The weight allows for easy transition from hitting groundstrokes and then moving up to the net to put away volleys. But be aware this racquet is stiffer than other models, so you won’t necessarily “feel” the ball on some softer shots. This racquet provides excellent control, especially when serving, and you will be able to place your serves anywhere you like.

This racquet comes with an open string pattern of 16 x19 that provides extra spin. One thing to be aware of also is the bevelled throat running down to the handle. For those used to flat beams, it may just a few times holding the racquet to get used to this.The Aero Drive is recommended for intermediate to advanced players.

Babolat has also introduced the Aero Drive Plus that is a slightly longer than the Aero Drive. The longer frame will help add extra power and spin on shots and also help those who need some additional reach when hitting serves. It is also recommended for advanced players who can generate their own power.

    Head Size: 100 sq. in/645.16 sq. cm

    Length: 27.5 in/69.85cm

    Strung Weight: 11.30oz/320.35g

    Balance: 5 pts HL

    Swingweight: 326

    String Pattern: 16 x 19




Both the Aero Drive and Aero Drive Plus are recommended to be strung with a polyester or co-poly string due to the racquet’s stiff frame.

Overall, both the Aero Drive and Aero Drive Plus are good solid frames in every sense. Players who can supply their own power and spin will be rewarded with a reliable racquet that will help in all parts of their game. And though you may not hit a winning forehand like Nadal does, this racquet will certainly help make 2013 your best season yet on the courts.

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