Federer vs Murray Live @ Australian Open 2013

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Roger Federer – Andy Murray

4-6 7-6(5) 3-6 7-6(2) 2-6 SET AND MATCH MURRAY! Murray goes 30-0 up after a couple of strange errors from Fed. Despite the Swiss taking the next point with a forehand winner, Murray produces a stunning return to earn himself two match points. First one saved with a big out wide serve, but the Swiss can’t avert the second one and it’s game, set and match for the Brit.

4-6 7-6(5) 3-6 7-6(2) 2-5 A bad miss from Federer and a 20th ace from Murray make it 30-0. Despite Murray dropping the next point, he wraps up the serve with one more ace and a bit of a helf from the Swiss, who misses an easy looking return at 15-40 down. Federer will be serving to stay in the match

4-6 7-6(5) 3-6 7-6(2) 2-4 A good hold from Federer, doesn’t drop a single point. However, he desperately needs to break Murray’s serve in the next two games, otherwise it will be all over for him

4-6 7-6(5) 3-6 7-6(2) 1-4 Two missed return from Federer and a Murray backhand winner grant the Brit a 40-0 lead. He hits another winner to take the game to love. It looks like it will be very difficult for Fed to turn this around. But if anyone can do it, Fed is the man for it..

4-6 7-6(5) 3-6 7-6(2) 1-3 Murray attacks the Fed second serve to take a 15-0 lead just before he misses a forehand long. Another superb return from Murray and Roger looks in a bit of a trouble once more. But after Murray drops the next two points, Fed gets to a game point. Despite not being able to convert  it right away, he eventually holds to reduce the deficit.

4-6 7-6(5) 3-6 7-6(2) 0-3 Roger’s level seemed to have dropped now. Overcooks yet another backhand and a Murray forehand winner sets the score at 30-0. Murray takes the next two points after a Federer drop shot finds the net and the Scot storms to take a 3-0 lead.

4-6 7-6(5) 3-6 7-6(2) 0-2 A forehand winner from Fed and a huge missed passing shot opportunity from Murray mark the start the of the game. After Roger produces a very rare forehand UE, Murray earns himself a break point. Federer mishits a backhand and hands the Brit the first break of the set.

4-6 7-6(5) 3-6 7-6(2) 0-1 A couple of unforced errors from Murray give Fed a half chance for a break at 30-30. However, the Brit comes up with an agressive forehand that Federer is unable to control and earns himself a game point. As the Swiss overhits a backhand long the 2012 US Open champion takes a lead in the deciding set.

4-6 7-6(5) 3-6 7-6(2) SET FEDERER!

7-2 Murray misses a backhand return and Fed levels the score at two sets all

6-2 Four set points Fed

5-2 Fed hits an amazing forehand return winner, has got two serves to close out the set

4-2 Another mini break for Fed, gets to the net and Murray can’t handle his smash

3-2 Murray misses a backhand, the Brit has got two serves now

2-2 One mini break each, Fed has got one more serve to go.

4-6 7-6(7-5) 3-6 6-6   Great precision hitting from both players but Roger decides to come in and it’s a fairly straight forward pass for Murray. Odd choice of shot, Murray slicing the ball out when he seemed to have the point won, 15-15. Good serve now from Murray. Two points away. Fantastic approach shot into the corner from Federer, 30-30. Wow. what a backhand up the line from Federer! Murray now goes wide and it’s a BREAK and  tiebreak time!

4-6 7-6(7-5) 3-6 5-6   Right what’s this then? Pressure from Murray draws three errors and that’s 3 break points to NMurray…Brutal hitting from Murray and that’s wide from Roger. Murray has BROKEN! He serves for the match next!

4-6 7-6(7-5) 3-6 5-5   Easy put away at the net to start for Muzza. Ooooo, that’s a beauty of a pass whilst stretching by Murray, 30-0. Great angle on the backhand now as we get to 40-0 and Federer then finds the net. Quicker game that one!

4-6 7-6(7-5) 3-6 5-4   Murray scambling all over the court but a pinpoint lob gives him the lead, best shot of the match! And now Fed finds the net with a regulation forehand, is he wobbling? Nope. Serve volley, serve volley. Back to 30-30. Great kick serve now, Murray goes long on the return. Incredible return off the wide serve from Murray! Deuce. Fed serves it out!

4-6 7-6(7-5) 3-6 4-4   Easy forehand put away fro Murray somehow goes wide but Federer knocks one long, 15-15. We’re back on the ace count, I think that’s no.18 for Murray today.Huge rally!! In the end not one but two net cords come to the aid of Federer as he raises his hand in apology. 30-30. Incredible return and incredible pickup from Murray and then Fed pulverises a backhand up the line, breakpoint….Fed attacks! But it’s wide on the second hit. Deuce. Godd pressure now from Murray and Fed goes just wide. The second serve of Murray is too short now and Roger punishes it up the line. Deuce again. What a backhand!!! changing direction, Murray leathers one right onto the line. Roger clips the back of the baseline according to hawkeye but Murray again turns to the power show rifling a forehand crosscourt. Another error is followed by another error from the Scot. A mis hit from Fed caps an epic game and an important one for Murray.

4-6 7-6(7-5) 3-6 4-3   Murray hits a rocket powered return afor 15-15 but it’s a pinpoint bodyserve from Roger next that’s too good. Odd backhand dropshot fromm Fed doesn’t go quite right and when he nets a forehand Murray suddenly has a break chance….BREAK back!! A couple of sloppy points there from Roger let his opponent back in and Murray was not gonna waste the opportunity as he smashes a forehand up the line.

4-6 7-6(7-5) 3-6 4-2   Fed hits the tape with his return and then is forced wide with a forehand, 30-0. Good length on the return now from Roger as his opponent can only reach the net. The net is infectious, Fed hits it, 40-15. Bullet first serve for the game.

4-6 7-6(7-5) 3-6 4-1   Looking like a quick hold from Roger as he races to 40-0 but he goes long with a regulation forehand. Murray goes wide though and that’s the break consolidated. Looks like we could be headed for a 5th set at the moment!!

4-6 7-6(7-5) 3-6 3-1   Little wobble here from Andy as two sliced errors see him at 0-30. He’s now smashed it long and we’ve got 3 breakpoints for Roger….one saved, fine serve down the middle….then an ace out wide….great rally but Murray goes just wide and it’s the BREAK for Federer!!

4-6 7-6(7-5) 3-6 2-1   Roger swings an ace outwide and then smashes an overhead into row z. Another good serve from Fed and they’re sitting down quickly.

4-6 7-6(7-5) 3-6 1-1   Murray races across the court like a greyhound to retrieve a volley but his shot easy to seal with. Fed goes long wildly with a forehand though and Murray has 15-30. Backhand into the tape but then Murray unleashes a forehand into the corner, 40-30. Same forehand, same result. Good hold.

4-6 7-6(7-5) 3-6 1-0   Heavy exchange to start and Fed eventually draws the error from his man, sending him way out wide. Signature backhand pass from Murray and that’s a winner everytime but he goes long on the forehand return, 30-15. Lovely sliced approach from the Scot and it’s 30-30. backhand slapped into the net from Fed, he looks tired, breakpoint…Murray slips changing direction and the breakpoint is saved. Great serve from Fed gives him the next one but he goes long with a forehand for deuce 2. Federer gets a hold with two quick points. Crucial that for the Swiss.

4-6 7-6(7-5) 3-6   Murray serving for the set now and a nervy forehand into the net from him to start. Great scrambling from the older man but Murray eventually draws the error, 15-15. Ace! down the line. Muzza now runs round and hits a rocket forehand up the line for two set points….one first serve is all he needs and that’s the third SET to Murray! More winners and less errors than his opponent made that a pretty good 34 minutes work for the Scot. Can the Swiss legend respond now??

4-6 7-6(7-5) 3-5   I don’t know why I just said that. I must have forgotten who his opponent was for a second there! There’s surely no-one more dangerous than the Fed! Great backhand return winner from Murray to start though. Fed gets back in control by coming to the net and makes it 30-15. A nice inside out forehand from Fed takes the next point but he seals the game after Murray nets.

4-6 7-6(7-5) 2-5   Nice serve and volley from the Brit to start. Murray now smacks an ace out wide but only after haawkeye helps him out. And another! 40-0. Another monster first serve and all of a sudden Murray looks in charge.

4-6 7-6(7-5) 2-4   Wow! Andy lets loose on a forehand return, it’s  a bullet winner! Fed goes long with forehand now, pressure on at 0-30. Murray’s return has great length and lets him dictate the point before Roger goes long. Fed shows some frustration at the umpire for some unknown reason as 3 break points are up….Murray long on the first…..Fed goes wide! It’s a BREAK!

4-6 7-6(7-5) 2-3  Fantastic rally from both men!! 26 shots hit with a fair amount of venom but Federer with the crosscourt winner. He finds the net with his backhand and then goes wide with a return and it’s 30-15. Murray’s now smacked it wide witha crosscourt backhand. More errors creeping in for both. Firm hitting and good length from the Scot now as he forces Roger to go long. Murray wears his opponent down now with some varied angles before running in for a n easy put away.  Time for a drink.

4-6 7-6(7-5) 2-2  Some signs of the old Murray as he gets visibly frustrated witha couple of errors. Nice serve down the line from Fed brings up 40-0. Federer nets a forehand before an ace seals a rapid hold.

4-6 7-6(7-5) 1-2  A short second serve isn’t punished by Fed, he then goes long with an approach and another error into the net makes it 40-0. Brilliant retrieving by both players now but Federer goes wide up the line. Change of ends.

4-6 7-6(7-5) 1-1  Great ball placement from Andy as he gives Rog the run around, 0-30. Signature serve and volley combination followed by an overhead smash draw Fed level at 30-30. Incredible rally from both!! They both hit several ‘would be’ winners before Fed hits wide to set up a break chance….Murray goes wide. Federer sends an ace down. Murray finds the net.

4-6 7-6(7-5) 0-1  A netted forehand from both players before Roger charges in, clearly energized from the tiebreak, only to have Murray pass him. Now long from both players and it’s 40-30. Great backhand crosscourt from the Scot and that’s a good hold after the breaker.

4-6 7-6(7-5)  Topsy turvy breaker that with Fed starting well but then Murray pulling it back before he was unable to a volley as he liked and Federer punished him with a rasping backhand pass to give himself the setpoint on serve. Good energy shown by the 31 year old. How will this affect Murray’s morale? We’re back level.

7-5  Murray goes wide!

6-5  Incredible pass from Roger

5-5  Big forehand form Murray

5-4  Great serve out wide

4-4  Backhand into the net from Fed.

4-3  Forehand winner for Andy.

4-2  Solid serve

4-1  Good serve volley combo from Fed

3-1  Andy finds the tape

2-1  tentative point. Murray goes long again

1-1  wild forehand from Murray

0-1  fabulous point from both but Fed forced into an error

4-6 6-6  That first serve of Murrays is still working well as he races to 30-0  but an awesome forehand out wide from Fed pegs one back. We’re going to a tiebreak though as Muzza finds 2 more aces!

4-6 6-5  You wouldn’t think Federer was a man under pressure right now as he bulldozes his way to 30-0. Great stretching backhand volley from the Swiss makes it’s 40-0 and Murray’s next return finds the net. Good quick hold for Roger in this crucial second set. One would have to think that it’s a must win set for Federer given the levels of exertion so far.

4-6 5-5  Fabulous rally from both players with plenty of variation and Murray eventully goes just wide with a backhand. What a point again!! Much of the same except this time the players find the lines several times before Andy hits a backhand winner down the line, it’s 30-15. Fed with a couple of errors now and it’s all square again in the set.

4-6 5-4  Good standard of talent ealry on in the game, Federer with a nice wide serve, wide foehand combo and then Murray with a running topspin pass. When Roger’s first serve firing though …..he quickly wraps it up.

4-6 4-4  This really is an impressive serving display from the Brit, 2 aces to start. The next one doesn’t come back either. Great running pass from Murray swiftly brings him level in the set.

4-6 4-3  Wow!! Both players playing with great touch as they draw each other into the net to test each other’s reactions up close and the Scot comes out on top. Fed likes to get his first serve in order though and 3 in a row see him at 40-15. He then goes wide by the width of a feather with a rasping forehand but one more first serve is enough for the game.

4-6 3-3  Lovely touch at the net again  from Murray, he is one of the better volleyers in the game these days. He’s found the net from the baseline now though and both players now spraying a bit, it’s 30-30. Great point comes to a conclusion as Andy races into the net and slices a volley away from his opponent. He serves it out.

4-6 3-2  Superb mobility from Murray as he races across to smack a crosscourt forehand winner for 0-30. He only finds errors in the next few points though as Fed seeks to slow things down and it’s 40-30. Sliced backhand hits the net from the former champ to give us deuce but Murray goes long on the return. Ace hits the T and they can change ends.

4-6 2-2  Like many, I was a little surprised to see pink laces in Roger’s shoes here in Melbourne but is it wrong that thet’re warming on me? Andy probably hasn’t noticed, he too ofcused on that first serve percentage, 30-0. Mammoth rally now as the players bully each other around before Fed drills a forehand crosscourt for a winner. Roger goes long on the next one though and the Scot wraps up the game as his oponent hits the tape on the return.

4-6 2-1  Hmm, a doublefault from Roger, gives Murray point but two better efforts from the Swiss bring 30-15. Excellent backhand from Fed now makes Andy hit the net before an ace seals a solid game for RF.

4-6 1-1  When Andy bounces the ball to commence it reminds me very much of myself. Very little else to compare on though as Murray hits yet another bullet forehand crosscourt. 128mph serve makes it 30-15 before goes long. And that’s an ace to polish it off. That man is serving well right now.

4-6 1-0  Fed is working on that first serve percentage straight away and we’re at 40-15 ina flash. Great return from Murray sees a baseline rally ensue with Federer eventually pushing long. He finds the net slightly lamely on the next and it’s deuce. The customary serve out wide is followed by yet another forehand hit wide give us deuce number 2.  Murray now finds the net before Federer’s single hander down the line rescues a vital hold for the all time great.

4-6  Serving for the first set, Andy swings an ace out wide to start. Great passge of play with Roger forcing opponent to scramble all over before he puts away the volley but another impressively controlled serve makes it 30-15. Bullet forehand from Murray gives him 2 set points….That’s the first SET for Murray as another heavy first serve is enough. Can he keep his first serve percentage over 70 for the whole match? If so, that could be the difference for him. Roger is probably wondering why his opponent is hitting so many winners against him, he needs to find another gear.

4-5  Murray looking the more solid from the back of the court so far as he draws another error from his opponent before copying the same shot twice himself, 40=15.  Murray loves the crosscourt pass, tempt him with it if you dare! But he goes long on the next point and it’s change of ends once more.

3-5  Nice serve combo from the Scot, reminded me of  Federer actually. Murray’s now in a the net and he deals well with an awkward one, 30-0. First serve boomer down the middle is followed by Roger finding the tape. Quick hold.

3-4  Roger’s looking the more tentative of the two players as 2 unforced errors take us to 0-30. Murray goes wide up the line before a brilliant piece of play from the Scot ending in a backhand pass makes it15-40….Error from tne Scot……What a point!! Incredible athleticism from both players scambling all over the court beofre a stretching Murray goes just wide up the line, it’s deuce. Roger steps it up and serves out the game. New balls please!

2-4  Both players having a few more errors than normal but both showing a lot of attacking intent so no complaining from me! Great pass down the line from Rog before Murray runs round for a forehand winner up the line. A basline rally has Roger put the ball out of play for 30-15. A well placed ace finds the T , now Andy gets hawkeye working…..he’s just wide by a whisker, 40-30. A first serve into the body does the job. Good serving from Murray so far.

2-3  Fed has found his serving boots as he sends down a few warning shots for 40-0 in a flash. Murray then finds the net with a forehand. Quick game that.

1-3  Murray starts with two first serves out wide, 30-0. Then one down the middle at 137mph, 40-0. Three errors now though from the Brit on groundstrokes and we’re quickly back at deuce. Decent rally from the players but Murray misreads Fed’s slice and it’s break back point….Ace out wide again, deuce. Ooooo, Federer goes just long with a cheeky floating lob but a storming run around forehand gives us another deuce. Andy into the net now after a deep approach and he smashes away the volley. One more first serve and that’s a big hold from the Scot!

1-2  Murray with another crosscourt pass then follows with a loopy forehand going long, 15-15. Andy really steps in for a nig forehand and it wins him the point before a fabulous rally from the corners of the court sees Murray finding an angle that Swiss star can’t reach. 2 Break points….2 unforced errors from the Scot. Deuce. Andy finds the baseline dust to bring up another break chance….longer exchange on this one but again it’s an unforced error from Muzza. Fed nows goes long, 4th breakpoint?….great play from the Brit as he switches direction with a pinpoint crosscourt forehand for a winner and an early BREAK!

1-1  Federer obviously wants to attack the Murray second cerve as he charges into the net after his return only to see Murray pass him crosscourt. A  couple of errors from the players makes it 30-15 before the Scot’s first serve comes alive, Murray’s on the board.

1-0  Federer watches a forehand fly past him for a winner before approaching the net for a simple volley at 30-15. A sliced backhand missed the radar from the Swiss and then we have a monumental baseline rally with Murray bringing up a breakpont as Fed eventually goes long….it’s saved as Roger again approaches the net for an easy volley crosscourt. Roger’s favourite inside out forehand wraps up the game. Encouraging start from both men!

Bruno Mars is booming out of the stadium as the players come out to warm up. A lot of people fancying Murray for this. I imagine Federer won’t mind that at all! On the coin toss, Murray elects to choose his side rather than to return. We’re expecting a crackerjack contest here!

Live Commentary of the Australian Open 2013 semi-final match between Federer and Murray will commence here as soon as the players start warming up on the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne. The match is scheduled for Friday evening Melbourne time.

Murray is one of the few players who have a positive head to head record against Federer, the Brit leads with 10-9. But it was the Swiss who won their last encounter, beating Murray at the ATP World Tour Finals last year.

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