Djokovic vs Berdych Live Australian Open 2013

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6-1 4-6 6-1 5-4 Berdych stays alive – for now. But he is probably only avoiding the inevitable. Djoko will serve for a place in the semi-final.

6-1 4-6 6-1 5-3 A confident hold for Djoko, wraps up the game to 15. Berdych will serve to stay in the match

6-1 4-6 6-1 4-3 An average game marked by a couple of UEs. Berdych eventually holds to 30 as he puts away an easy smash. But Nole only needs to focus on his serve now and the match is in his pocket.

6-1 4-6 6-1 4-2 A net cord helps Berdych at the start of the game, but he is unable to take advantage of it as he nets a forehand sitter. Good leght on Djokovic’s BH makes the Czech come up with an error. A cute drop shot follows and it’s three game points for the Serb. One ace and this game is history..

6-1 4-6 6-1 3-2 The unforced error count shows 40 UE Berdych to 20 UE from Djokovic after the Czech misses and easy forehand in the opening point of the game. However, Tomas’s serve gets him out of trouble as he holds to 15. But the bad news for him is that he will have to break Djoko to get back into this match…

6-1 4-6 6-1 3-1 The Djokovic forehand seems to working as well right now and that means Berdych is in a lot of trouble out there. He is running out of time to make something happen. Nole comes up with two FH winners and after striking an unreturnable serve, the score is set at 40-0. A superb hold to love from the world no.1

6-1 4-6 6-1 2-1 BREAK! Now then! Novak applies some pressure on Birdie once more, takes the first two points to take a 30-0 lead. One awful challenge from the Czech is followed by a superb one that keeps him in the game (15-30). But he is falling quickly behind as Nole wins a backhand cross-court exchange to get to two BPs. First one averted with a serve out wide-backhand winner combination, but as Djoko shows some excellent defensive skills and Berdych overhits a FH long, the Serb grabs the first break of the set.

6-1 4-6 6-1 1-1 Djoko is dictating the points throughout this second game of the fourth set. None of the rallies go past 3 shots, with the Serb hitting two winner on the way..Holds to love

6-1 4-6 6-1 0-1 A superb passing shot from the Serb is quickly forgotten as Berdych takes the next three points. He will need to top up his first serve percentage in this set if he wants to stand a chance. But also lets not forget, his forehand is also massive and when he finds the sweet spot, it is literally unplayable. A good hold to 15.

6-1 4-6 6-1 SET DJOKOVIC! Berdych takes a 30-15 lead after a couple of sloppy points from Djoko, but the Serb erases the mistakes with a stunning rally that follows. Outstanding performance from Novak in this set, holds to 30 in the end to give himself a two sets to one lead.

6-1 4-6 5-1 Quite and important hold for Berdych one must say, the last thing he wants is to lose three service games in a row and going into the fourth set with literally zero confidence. After the Czech brings this game to 30, it will be Djokovic who will have a chance to serve out the set.

6-1 4-6 5-0 The outwide serve on the deuce side does the job for Djokovic as Berdych struggles to hit a decent return from it. Whatever the Serb touches right now, turns into gold, wraps up the game with an extra special running BH winner.

6-1 4-6 4-0 BREAK! The Serbian world no.1 seems to be fully back on track, finding his rhythm once again. Despite missing an easy looking BH return, he is putting some pressure on his opponent, who senses it and misses a couple of routine forehands. A backhand winner from Djokovic means he goes two breaks up. This set is certainly over, or is it?

6-1 4-6 3-0 Djoko consolidates the break with a solid hold to 15. An ace, a BH return miss and a decent net approach give him a 40-0 lead. Despite Berdych running down a great looking drop shot from the Serb and hitting a superb pass, Novak clinches the game with a lethal BH passing shot.

6-1 4-6 2-0 BREAK! Berdych commits his third double fault but as he comes out on top after a 23 shot rally, the score is set at 15-15. That ball is flying through the air with enourmous power, with both player’s foot full on the gas pedal. The Czech overhits a FH cross-court and Djokovic pulls a stunning lob out of his back pocket to get to two break points. A return missed by inches, one BP still remains. Djoko makes sure not to let the second one go and takes Berdych’s serve for a 2-0 lead.

6-1 4-6 1-0 Djokovic starts the third set with a BH drive volley winner followed by a backhand error from Berdych. A couple of rallies later it’s two game points for Novak. First one averted with a solid return, but the Serb comes up with an ace down the T to wrap up the game.

6-1 4-6 SET BERDYCH! New balls should favour Berdych on serve, but Djokovic hits a solid two returns to take a 30-0 lead. 6th ace from the Czech follows. However, he is unable to take advantage of a fairly easy volley and a smash and the Serb gets to a two break back points, punching his fist in celebration. First one saved with yet another ace and the second one is averted in a spectacular manner – a bullet forehand winner. The last year Australian Open champion earns himself his third break point of the game with a well place forehand cross-court, but Berdych shows no pressure as he strikes a phenomenal BH down the line winner to make it deuce. Now then! Suddenly, the quality of tennis rised a couple of notches, Djoko playing an excellent rally, showing his athletic skills to get to a fourth BP. Unfortunately for him, he pulls a routine FH wide, back to deuce. Berdych takes the next point, which means second set point for him. He welcomes it with arms wide open and closes out the set, levelling the match.

6-1 4-5 Berdych is now all over Djokovic, the Serb helping him with the odd unforced error. The Serb is forced to save a set point at 30-40 down, but eventually manages to hold serve. This time it will be the Czech who will be serving for the set.

6-1 3-5 A few rare forehand errors are creeping in from Djokovic. Misses a routine return, but his backhand looks a little more solid, keeping his chances for a break alive. As Berdych pulls a forehand wide, it’s suddenly 30-15 to the Serb. But a well constructed forehand attack from the Czech brings him right back into the game. No hesitation and he takes a 5-3 lead, Djoko will be serving to stay in the set

6-1 3-4 Novak produces his 11th and 12th forehand winner to take a quick 40-0 lead. Finishes it off with another one to reduce Berdych’s lead.

6-1 2-4 Djokovic has got a massive chance to finish the point at 15-15, but Berdych comes up with an unbelievable return. After Djoko taking the next point, the Czech just seems totally unfazed, a couple of aces grant him a 4-2 lead.

6-1 2-3 The Aussie crowd is witness to some massive ground strokes, with both players going for it. One FH unforced error on each side opens up the game, but it is Berdych once more who strikes the ball 100% better than in the first set. With two amazing crushing forehands he gets to a couple more BPs. Credit to Djokovic – saves both of them and earns himself an advantage after Berdych’s BH finds the net. The Serb holds, crucial for him not to go down a double break.

6-1 1-3 Berdych hits a fairly unpleasant second serve that slides through the court and forcing an error from Djoko, but overhits a forehand in the following point (15-15). A drop shot from the Serb gone wrong and a double fault on the other side make it 30-30. Berdych comes in to the net, produces a very strong forehand half volley just for Novak to miss the passing shot by a few inches. The Czech takes the game with an ace at the end.

6-1 1-2 Both players play one sloppy point each, their backhands letting them down (15-15). After Djokovic drops a shorter ball, Berdych steps up and nails an unreturnable forehand. The Serb levels the score at 30-30 when he comes out on top in the forehand cross court exchange. The Czech is trying to take the initiative once more, only this time his forehand sails just long. An uncharacteristic BH miss from Djokovic followed by an ace hand him the advantage. He wraps up the game, but is still a break behind.

6-1 0-2 A successful challenge from Berdych means he opens up the game with an ace. Subsequently misses a routine forehand just before coming up with a stunning reflex volley to earn a 30-15 lead. Another longer rally follows and Novak seems to be in charge of these, moves the Czech player all around the court to clinch the point. Probably the best rally of the match goes Berdych’s way, hitting a couple of solid volleys at the end of it. Wraps up the game with a forehand drive volley. Well done..

6-1 0-1 BREAK! A slight advantage for Djokovic as he serves first in this set. However, Berdych gets his first big chance to break the Serb after Djoko comes up with a couple of unforced errors to go down 15-40. Berdych pounces like a big cat, unleashes a lethal forehand that grants him the lead in this second set.

6-1 SET DJOKOVIC! Berdych finds himself in yet more trouble as Djokovic earns himself the first set point at 40-30. A very average display from the Czech, and a double fault that follows and hands Djoko the set just proves that remark.

5-1 The world no.1 looks invincible right now, is in full control of the happening on the Rod Laver Arena. A lot better display of tennis than against Wawrinka, although Stan played some stunning tennis to start with.. Djoko holds to love and is one game away from a one set lead.

4-1 BREAK! Djokovic is mixing up his shots nicely, pushes Berdych right behind the baseline before placing a cute drop shot to take the first point. The Czech produces his first ace of today to level the score at 15-15, but subsequently commits a forehand UE. Djokovic steps into the court on the very next point, taking initiative and earning himself another two break points at 40-15 up. First one is wasted after a FH mishit, but he shows who the boss is as he out rallies Berdych to go a double break up.

3-1 The Serb manages to consolidate the break. Starts with his first ace in this match and after both players split the next two points, the score is set at 30-15 for Djoko. With some efficient first serves, Novak wraps up the game. His backhand seems to be right on as well.

2-1 BREAK! First wobble on serve, Berdych misses a forehand sitter and after a routine backhand volley from his racket sails wide, Djoko finds himself 30-0 up. A superb first serve winner followed by a Djokovic backhand unforced error bring Berdych back to life at 30-30, but as he overhits a backhand down the line, he hands the Serb the first break point of the match. However, well saved with the help of another big first serve. The longest rally of the match follows, with Djoko hitting a FH cross-court winner at the end of it to earn the second BP in this game. This time he doesn’t hesitate, comes up with a BH winner to take a 2-1 lead.

1-1 Djokovic holds to love with a help of three solid first serves and a forehand winner. Novak knows he will have to play better than he did against Wawrinka.

0-1 A serve winner starts this encounter, followed by a forehand unforced error from Djokovic to give the Czech a 30-0 lead. Berdych comes in to the net after a well constructed attack which pays off for him, earning him two game points at 40-15. Takes the first one..

Berdych to serve

Berdych is yet to lose a set at this year’s tournament, but this will surely be the biggest test for him so far. On the other hand, Djokovic is trying to win this Grand Slam for the third consecutive time, which would be a spectacular achievement.

Players are just walking into the Rod LaverArena.

Live Commentary of the Australian Open quarter-final match between Djokovic and Berdych will commence here as soon as the players start warming up.

Djokovic leads the head to head with an impressive 11-1, having beaten Berdych at the 2012 ATP World Tour Finals in London.

The Serbian world no.1 played a 5 hour marathon match against Wawrinka to reach the last 8, Berdych overcame Anderson in straight sets.

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