Djokovic – Ferrer Live @ Australian Open 2013

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Novak Djokovic – David Ferrer

6-2 6-2 6-1  Standing ovation for Ferrer as he chases down Djoko’s dropshot for a crosscourt winner. Djokovic finds the net but then tries another dropper and this one can’t be chased down, 30-15. Dropshot anyone? Why not. Djoko gains another point with his third drophot of the game. Ferrer is asking for hawkeye now but to no avail, his forehand was wide, deuce. Oh dear, double fault. Match point…THAT’S IT! Ferrer goes long.

6-2 6-2 5-1  Ridiculous forehand winner from the champion! The angle was so acute. SErvice reutrn not deep enough from the Spaniard. Spirited defence by Ferrer and he then races into the net to be cruelly lobbed by Novak. Winner crosscourt from Djokovic and he’s a game away.

6-2 6-2 4-1  Each point won by the Spaniard now seems to be really celebrated by the crowd as he hits crosscourt winner. Djoko now smacking it around but he does find the net a couple of times before Ferrer passes him for the game. Perhaps Ferrer’s quickest game. Djoko on cruise control?

6-2 6-2 4-0   I fancy Djoko’s opponent in the final will have more than 4 games at this pont of the match but the first serve will take plenty of free points on this evidence, it’s quickly 40-0. Ferrer manages to push Djoko out wide and force an error long. Novak’s calling for hawkeye now. He’s having a good day, it’s in. Game held.

6-2 6-2 3-0   Crikey!! Djokovic runs off court and smshes a forehand around the outside of the net and it clips the edge of the line. That’s unstopable! Cue the double fault from Ferrer, probably in shock from the first point. Great pick-up from the Spaniard but Djoko hits a rocket double hander down the line before making it 6 from 6 on breakpoints.

6-2 6-2 2-0   Guess what? David comes to the net!! His volley earns him a point too! You can’t come to the net on Novak’s first serve though, 30-30. Ah, Djokovic can put away a volley though….and another fine serve…another fine hold.

6-2 6-2 1-0   Just 5 visits to the net in 2 sets from Ferrer. That really needs to change if he’s going to make an impact in the contest. Djokovic moves his opponent around the back of the court finding winners and also the net, it’s 30-30. A mammoth rally on the baseline sees Ferrer eventually going long. Djokovic looking incredibly relaxed now as the Spanard goes long again and it’s another early BREAK.

6-2 6-2 Only 4 points dropped on serve so far for Nole as he sends down another ace. Er…perhaps getting slightly too relaxed he tries a dropshot with his feet in the air! Doesn’t work out. Nevertheless, more battered forehands to both sides bring up 2 set points…too much power for the Spaniard and that’s the second set. Djokovic is looking to be the first man to win 3 Australian Opens back to back and he looks confident of doing that right now. However, assuming he continues his assault of David Ferrer here, one has to assume Murray or Federer will provide a far sterner test.

6-2 5-2  Incredible stretched backhand up the line from the defending champion! It’s followed by the deftest of drop-volleys. He is human though as a few errors take us to 40-30. Another error from the Serbian gifts Ferrer a second hold of serve in this second set.

6-2 5-1  Novak smacks down an ace for the collection pot and is that another? Hawkee says no. Ferrer moves into court with a rocket down the line! He needs to do more of that. You can see that familiar expression on a player’s face when they’ve hit a ‘winner’….yet it comes back over the net….against Djokovic. The Serbian wraps up another comfortable hold.

6-2 4-1  …And Ferrer already starting to look like a broken man as the elastic arms of the world no.1 hit enough lasers for the quickest BREAK to love.

6-2 3-1  Crackerjack forehands up the line from Nole bring up 30-0. First serves do the rest. Ferrer should go to no.4 in the world next week if my maths is correct but many will feel that the injured Nadal will be likely to take his place back in the ‘big 4′ when he returns. The major winners still look a cut above the rest at the moment.

6-2 2-1  Ace! Ferrer gets his first of the match. A 20 shot rally ends with Ferrer pushing long. There were a couple of chances where you feel he could have come to the net there but he seems reluctant to do so. Nevertheless, sometimes the baseline is good enough as the Spaniard outlasts Djokovic in another long exchange. Djokovic comes to the net now and we’re at deuce. This feels like it’s warming up now! Ferrer is serving well into the deuce court but is finding the net too many times on the forehand side and the Serbian suddenly has a BREAK in this second set.

6-2 1-1  Great play from the Serbian forcing Ferrer left and right before disecting the court twice with blistering backhands! Another ace seals another quickfire love hold.

6-2 0-1  Looks like the Spaniard is starting afresh as he batters the ball left and right before drawing the error from his opponent. A heavy rally sees Ferrer catch a lucky net cord for 30-15 but he’s not quite finding the lines as it’s 30-30. Piling the pressure back on with some bullish forehands, he forces Novak long twice and gets a hold.

6-2  Sumptuous volley from Djoko to start and then that other weapon he developed, the first serve, quickly brings up 3 set points….Aced it. This doesn’t feel like a contest at the moment!

5-2  At 30-15 Djokovic looks uncharacteristically tight as he nets a forehand. Ferrer goes long with an approach shot but he’s clearly trying to mix things up against Mr invincible. At deuce he doesn’t make the same gamble of coming to the net and pays the price as Nole works him arounds. A great stretched backhand to the Spaniard’s feet brings up another break chance….Ferrer goes long. Writing on the wall?

4-2  Lightning quick hold for the defending champion

3-2  Both men find the tape before the defending champ smacks a forehand down the line. Wow, entertaining stuff as both men cover all edges of the court but Djoko’s angles prove too much for the Terrier and that’s also a break.

2-2  Djokovic wraps up a love game with an ace.

2-1  David rushes to 40-0 with impressive first serves and that crosscourt forehand. Just one error before another gutsy serve for the game.

1-1  2 longer rallies see Nole making winners so Ferrer goes for the big return and misses, 40-0. He doesn’t miss the second time though….or the third! Bit of muscle from the Spaniard there! But Djoko’s next serve sees him home.

0-1  Ferrer starts with a fine serve down the middle before Djoko fires a winner and then long up the line for 30-15. Ferrer then finds the frame of the racquet, touch of nerves perhaps? Nope. An unreturned serve is followed by a customary crosscourt forehand and the spaniard is on the board.

The players are out on court. David Ferrer looks ready for a real slug. Djokovic looking slightly more relaxed about the prospect of challenging for his 3rd Australian Open in succession if he wins on Sunday.

Djokovic leads the head to head against Ferrer 9-5, having beaten him three times last year (including the Australian Open QF and US Open SF). Both men have had titanic tussles on their journeys to this stage, Djokovic against Wawrinka in that marathon and Ferrer seeing off Almagro in 5 sets. Logic says this should be a good day for Novak but after seeing Sharapova torn apart earlier this morning, who’s to say!

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