Azarenka vs Li Na Live @ Australian Open 2013 final

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Victoria Azarenka – Li Na

Azarenka wins!! 4-6 6-4 6-3 Azarenka takes the first match point to be crowned champion and retain her world number 1 ranking. She defends her Australian open title and is now only the 5th active player to hold 2 or more slams. Huge amotions from Azarenka as the pressure of the last few days events is released.

4-6 6-4 5-3 Li had her chances but Azarenka saves a BP and takes the game. Li will serve to stay in the match.

4-6 6-4 4-3 A superb return from Azarenka gives her a lead in the seventh game, but Li comes storming back, taking the next three points to go 40-15 up. First game point averted by Azarenka, but some magnificient ball striking from Li and she wraps up the game, reducing the Belarusian’s lead.

4-6 6-4 4-2 Vika takes a quick 30-0 lead and after her serve finds the sideline, she earns herself three game points. The Belarusian seems to be in full charge right now, holds to love. Azarenka has won 9 out of the last 10 points.

4-6 6-4 3-2 BREAK! Players split the first two points in this fifth game to set the score at 15-15. Li subsequently hits her first double fault of the set (5th alltogether) and as she misses a backhand just wide, it’s two break points for Azarenka. Takes the first one to go 3-2 up.

4-6 6-4 2 -2 Li back on court, play resumes at 15-0 to Azarenka. The Chinese player seems to be ok, the ankle holding for now. She produces a superb return and subsequently makes Azarenka stretch for a backhand, forcing an error from the Belarusian (30-30). Another excellent backhand return winner and we have got a break point situation. Doesn’t last long, Azarenka fires a backhand winner to take the game to deuce. The Belarusian eventually holds…2 games each.

After a 10 minute break (as it’s Australian day and the fireworks stopped play for a short time), the players are back on court. Disaster strucks for Li as she falls over once again, twisting her ankle for the second time and hitting her head against the ground. Another injury time out.

4-6 6-4 1-2 A superb game from Li, she seems to have regrouped after losing that second set. Holds to 15 to take a 2-1 lead in this decider. Closes out the game with her fourth ace.

4-6 6-4 1-1 BREAK! Li shines for a moment, fires a backhand winner followed by a solid forehand right at Azarenka’s feet as she comes in to the net (0-30). But two forehand UEs from the Chinese bring the Belarusian right back into the game at 30-30. Li somehow manages to earn herself a break point and Azarenka helps her converting it after commiting a double fault.

4-6 6-4 1-0 BREAK! Azarenka is able to carry the momentum into the third set. Takes a quick 30-0 lead with the help of some penetrating ground strokes. Li misses a forehand sitter to hand the Belarusian two BPs at 40-15. The world no.1 looks too good at the moment, puts away a forehand to break her opponent.

4-6 6-4 SET AZARENKA! A very solid game from the Belarusian, consolidates the break with a hold to love, forcing a decider in this first Grand Slam final of the year.

4-6 5-4 BREAK! Azarenka a little lucky in the first point of this game as she somehow manages to come up with a decent lob after Li’s net attack. The Chinese nets a backhand, going 0-30 down but subsequently unleashes a superb forehand winner. Azarenka is working hard for every point, putting some pressure on her opponent. This earns her a double break point and she makes sure to convert the very first one as Li’s backhand lands long.

4-6 4-4 A stunning return winner from the Chinese followed by a very clever forehand cross-court that forces Azarenka to net a forehand. As the Belarusian produces an awful looking drop shot a couple of points later, Li gets to two BPs. First one saved, but second one converted and the score is levelled in this second set. Li is two games away from her second Grand Slam title.

4-6 4-3 Li commits a FH unforced error and an ace follwed by a double fault make it 15-30. Her serve is letting her down big time at the moment, produces yet another double fault to hand Azarenka two BPs. However, the Belarusian is unable to take this advantage, letting Li back into the game at deuce. After Li comes up with an excellent passing shot, she closes out the game with a backhand winner down the line.

4-6 4-2 Li is on her A game now, earns herself three break points at 40-0. Azarenka averts the first one with her second backhand winner of the match, followed by a slightly lucky point as the net cord helps her to come up with a forehand put away. The Belarusian takes the next point too after Li misses an easy looking backhand. A couple of points later the world no.1 holds to take a 4-2 lead.

4-6 3-2 Li is back on court and the game continues at 30-30. She seems to be ok, produces an amazing rally, finished by a backhand winner. Takes the first game point with yet another backhand bullet. She is better than ever. Good news for all the tennis fans.

Injury time out for Li Na….she twisted her left ankle

Li’s backhand is finding it’s target again and she is using the full width of the court to make Azarenka more around. But a really bad looking slip for the Chinese and she is holding her left knee, but it seems to be the ankle that is hurt. A bit of a scare, hope she will be ok. A trainer comes onto the court in the middle of the game. Lets keep our fingers crossed that this match will continue and Li will be ok.

4-6 3-1 BREAK! Li misses a forehand return just wide, but subsequently pulls herself together, taking the next three points. Azarenka helps her with a couple of unforced errors and Li closes out the game with an inside out forehand winner. Quite a crucial game for the Chinese that allows her to stay in this set.

4-6 3-0 BREAK! Li produces her first double fault of the match but levels the score with a very decent backhand slice. Unfortunately for the Chinese, Azarenka seems to be back on her feet, moving better and hitting the ball with a lot more precision. The world no.1 is taking her chances now, goes up a double break.

4-6 2-0 The Belarusian drops the first point in this game, but comes back to take a 30-15 lead with Li’s help and an ace to follow. Some unusual errors are creeping into Li’s game as she starts missing backhands that she was making in set one. Despite somehow managing to stay in this game, Azarenka finally wraps up the game with a forehand winner that cleans the side line.

4-6 1-0 BREAK! Both players battling hard for each points, taking the first game of set two to deuce. Li had a chance to close it out at 40-30, but failed to do so after overhitting a backhand wide. As Azarenka gets to her first BP, she comes up with a superb backhand return that puts Li off balance, causing her to come up with a backhand error.

4-6 SET LI! Azarenka hits an unexpected backhand long after being quite consistent in the last 10 minutes or so. Li punishes any shorter ball from the Belarusian, taking a 30-15 lead. A couple of points later we have got the first set point for Li, but she gives it away with a sloppy ground stroke. Azarenka’s game is up and down, but she manages to save the second set point with a well constructed net approach, finished by a forehand volley. Probably the best rally of the match grants Li her third set point, but she misses a fairly easy return to bring the game back to deuce. A very bad Azarenka forehand miss and a double fault follow, handing the Chinese player the first set.

4-5 BREAK! A lot better game from Azarenka, this time she plays a superb game that grants her three break points at 40-0. Li averts the first one with a BH winner, but Azarenka doesn’t let this big chance to slip away and after converting the second BP, the set is back on serve.

3-5 Another tight game at 30-30, it looks like Li is in charge of most of the rallies, taking an initiative very early on. But luckily for Azarenka, after Li’s backhand sails long and the Belarusian fires an unreturnable first serve, the score is set at 3-5.

2-5 Azarenka in control of the first rally, but as she comes in to the net, Li comes up with a backhand that makes the Belarusian net a backhand volley. The Chinese’s ground strokes seem to be working like a swiss watch and she backs it up with a solid first serve. Wraps up the game with an inside out forehand winner. Azarenka will be serving to stay in the set after the change of ends.

2-4 BREAK! Li comes into the net and forces an error from Azarenka with a forehand drive volley. A backhand miss from the Belarusian and a superb backhand from Li maket it 40-0 for the Chinese. First break point saved, but Li pounces like a tiger and takes the second one with a world class BH down the line winner.

2-3 BREAK! Azarenka bags the first point of game four with a smash winner, but Li gets to a 30-15 after two well placed first serves. A backhand winner from Vika and an ace from Li set up a game point for the Chinese, but she overhits a forehand drive volley by miles to get the game to deuce. The rallies are getting slightly longer now, the ball flying with higher velocity and more precision. Azarenka digs deep and manages to step up her game, reducing Li’s lead to 3-2.

1-3 BREAK! Li Na is applying some pressure on Azarenka, hitting some massive ground strokes that the Belarusian is unable to handle. The Chinese earns herself two break points with a bullet forehand and takes the very first one as she unleashes a lethal backhand return at Azarenka.

1-2 A superb forehand cross-court winner from Li marks the start of the third game. An unforced error follows, but the Chinese player comes up with an ace to take a 30-15 lead. A couple of points later, Li forces a game point with an unreturnable forehand down the line just for Azarenka to get to deuce with some great lenght ground strokes. However, Li eventually manages to hold to take a lead in this final.

1-1 BREAK! Azarenka  gets off to a sloppy start as she goes down 30-0. However, the world no.1 quickly regroups and after winning the next two points, she levels the score at 30-30. But after the Chinese player forces a break with the help of Azarenka’s forehand UE, the Belarusian is unable to avert it and Li breaks back.

1-0 BREAK! The Chinese player shows a bit of nerves as she starts with a double fault, but quickly erases it with a forehand winner down the line. Vika misses a routine forehand to hand Li a 30-15 lead. A well constructed attack brings Azarenka right back into the game just before Li Na commits two unforced errors to hand the Belarusian the game.

Li Na to serve

Both of them are in their third Grand Slam final, both of them won one and lost one so far.

Players are just warming up

Live Commentary of the Women’s Australian Open 2013 final between Azarenka and Li Na will commence here as soon as the players start warming up.

Azarenka leads the head to head with 5-4, having won all of their last four encounters.

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