Tsonga vs Berdych Live @ ATP World Tour Finals London

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Jo-Wilfried Tsonga vs Tomas Berdych

Berdych wins in three!

– Tsonga 1-6 6-3 5-7 Berdych

Berdych takes a final service game to seal the win. He goes on to play Djokovic while Tsonga will face up to Murray. Good play from Berdych, Tsonga hit form for one set but couldn’t keep it up.

– Tsonga 1-5 6-3 5-7 Berdych

Magical crosscourt winner from Berdych to reach 0-30 and he goes on to get three break points. Tsonga pushes a volley wide and that is pretty much it you would think.

– Tsonga 1-4 6-3 5-7 Berdych

The Czech moves a mere two games away from the finish line. Tsonga has only broken once all match and has to get another one right away.

– Tsonga 1-3 6-3 5-7 Berdych

First blood in the decider to Berdych with a break. The match seemed to be running away from him but he’s got going again. Needs to consolidate the break with hold.

– Tsonga 1-2 6-3 5-7 Berdych

Berdych keeps it on serve, can he take advantage of serving first in this decider?

– Tsonga 1-1 6-3 5-7 Berdych

No worries for Jo, he’s getting enough first serves in to stay safe at the moment.

– Tsonga 0-1 6-3 5-7 Berdych

Things are getting tense here now, both players know if they lose this set they will be unlikely to make the semi finals. Jo pushes to deuce but can’t break through.

Tsonga takes the second set!

– Tsonga 6-3 5-7 Berdych

First point goes to Berdych as does the second! Jo under pressure… but he pegs it back to 30-30. But a double fault hands a break point over. Jo saves it and then moves to advantage. He takes the game and set – all square.

– Tsonga 5-3 5-7 Berdych

Berdych moves 30-0 up, he means to make Tsonga serve it out and he gets two more points easily to do so.

– Tsonga 5-2 5-7 Berdych

No stopping Jo at the mo, he rattles off a game like its the easiest thing in the world. One game off leveling the match.

– Tsonga 4-2 5-7 Berdych

The Czech stays in touch with some nice strokes.

– Tsonga 4-1 5-7 Berdych

Tsonga slamming first serves and racing to the net… he taken flight now.

– Tsonga 3-1 5-7 Berdych

Yes he can! Tsonga gets to deuce and the crowd is becoming more vocal. A mishit hand Jo a break point and he takes it! Game on.

– Tsonga 2-1 5-7 Berdych

Tsonga has another strong service game, can he finally put some pressure on Berdych?

– Tsonga 1-1 5-7 Berdych

Yet another hold to love by Berdych.

– Tsonga 1-0 5-7 Berdych

Jo brings some heat on his first serve and get the game to love. Can he get the crowd going? Tsonga is very popular here in London.

First set to Berdych

– Tsonga 5-7 Berdych

Berdych seals the first set with an ace. He’s looked impressive but he did win his first set against Murray only to fall away. So far Tsonga doesn’t look good though – certainly less formidable than the Scot.

– Tsonga 5-6 Berdych

Berdych finally gets the break as Jo can’t keep the ball in the lines. The Frenchman is not happy on court, teething trouble with new coach Roger Rasheed?

– Tsonga 5-5 Berdych

No clink in the big Czech’s armour, he’s only dropped six points on serve so far.

– Tsonga 5-4 Berdych

Jo hasn’t played well so far but he’s still standing and ekes out another hold. Can he find form when it matters most? Berdych serving to stay in the set.

– Tsonga 4-4 Berdych

A possibly disappointed Berdych slides to 0-30 but then reels off four points to hold once more. Still no breaks.

– Tsonga 4-3 Berdych

Tsonga drops short to feed the Berdych machine, 0-30. An ace helps out but Berdych takes the next and it is two break points. Nice one-two combo to save the first, he needs another first serve… and gets it – deuce. Tsonga saves another break point – with Berdych missing a put-away volley – and somehow survives with serve intact.

– Tsonga 3-3 Berdych

Berdych drops a point to backhand drive from Tsonga. Better from Jo but not enough to really make an impact as Berdych holds to 30.

– Tsonga 3-2 Berdych

Tsonga blazes through his own service game. The disparity between Tsonga’s first and second serve will give Berdych chances as the match progresses.

– Tsonga 2-2 Berdych

Berdych holds to love, nuff said…

– Tsonga 2-1 Berdych

Tsonga arms a weak second serve over the net and Berdych eats it up like Ted Hughes’ Iron Man scoffing a tractor for lunch. All good for Jo apart from that and another game is in the bag.

– Tsonga 1-1 Berdych

The Czech, who has the Davis Cup final next week, replies in kind with a solid hold; both players have started nicely.

– Tsonga 1-0 Berdych

The Frenchman has no problems in the opening game, a comfortable hold.

– Tsonga to serve… Play.

– General opinion is that Berdych is the favourite tonight but in this tournament the margins are so fine.

– Over on the tv coverage Sky’s Mark Petchey is comparing Berdych’s serve to Roger Federer… for reasons that largely escape me other than the Fed has a excellent serve. Perhaps later Mark will compare him to Pete Sampras and Boris Becker too?

– The knock up begins and the start of the match is only moments away.

– Berdych looks cool and ready for business.

– Big smile from the Frenchman as he grabbed his mascot’s hand, is there a nicer man in tennis?

– The players begin the march to the court… Tsonga will be first out.

– So two big beasts of the ATP tour collide tonight. Having lost their first games both players will be desperate to get the win and get a platform to challenge Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic for the qualifying spots.

– The players will be on court in a few minutes.

– The doubles match is now in the deciding champions tie break.

– The players will be on court once the preceding doubles match is completed and no earlier than 7.45pm (GMT).

Live Commentary of the Berdych v Tsonga match from the ATP World Tour Finals 2012 in London will begin here at 7:45pm London (UK) time.

This is the second group match for both of the players, Tsonga lost to Djokovic in his first match in straight sets, whilst Berdych got beaten by Murray in three.

The Czech player leads the head to head against the Frenchman with 3-1, having beaten him twice this year (Shanghai Masters and Stockholm).

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