Interesting and Famous Tennis Quotes Vol.8

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Every week at SteveG, we’ll be highlighting some of the best quotes said by players, coaches and more from the world of tennis

“I can’t cook. There’s many things I can’t do. I can’t skate. I would love to do that.” Roger Federer when asked about the things that he can’t do well aside from tennis.

“This makes no sense..yes, please don’t give us more prize money, we are perfectly happy being one of the lowest paid sports comparatively!?!” Michael Russell on Twitter regarding the recent announcement that the ATP voted to reject a proposal from the Indian Wells tournament to increase its prize money for early round winners.

“Passed the one hour mark one more time baby!!!!Wooooohooooo!!!;)” Janko Tipsarevic on Twitter after losing to Juan Martin Del Potro in the ATP World Tour Finals in London.

“I’m more disappointed for Ferrer than I am about my loss to be honest.” Roger Federer after losing to Del Potro in the ATP World Tour Finals group play. The loss automatically knocked David Ferrer out of any possible chance to qualify for the semifinals.

“We have these great players in every generation. But Sampras lost. Agassi lost. They all lost because the other guys thought that they could win. But you don’t get the feeling that the guys now don’t think they are going to win sometimes. It’s hard to be the best player in the world but its not impossible and the other guys think that it is. I think you can say that the top four that we have right now are the best top four we’ve ever had. And the next 96 out of the top 100, in relative terms, might be the worse we’ve ever had because they don’t beat the best guys and that didn’t use to happen.” Mats Wilander speaking in Atlanta at the PowerShares Series on the current “big four” in men’s tennis.

“I loved the opening ceremony tonight too. I really loved the traditional dances, and also the dubstep laser thing that was going on! I went to a couple of dubstep parties when I was back home injured with nothing to do, and it’s always very interesting. I really appreciated the dubstep in India.” Andrea Petkovic who blogged about her experiences playing in Pune, India on the site.

“It’s been an incredibly positive year. I would have love to have finished the year on a win, of course, but that didn’t happen. But for me it’s been the best year of my career by a mile.” Andy Murray after losing to Roger Federer in the semis of the ATP World Tour Finals.

“I have been around the block a few times and that was something. You can’t tire of nights like this. That is why I keep practising in front of no people, it inspires you to keep working hard.” Roger Federer reflecting on the atmosphere in the 02 Arena during his semifinal against Murray.

And a quote from the sport’s past —

“I play each point like my life depends on it.” Rafael Nadal

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