Ferrer vs Janowicz Live Commentary Paris Masters 2012 Final

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6-4 5-3 A return miss from the Spaniard and an ace give Janowicz a 30-0 lead. But he lets Ferrer back into the game with a drop shot miss and a double fault. Luckily for him, his first serve finds the right spot again, and not just once, but twice. Jerzy closes out the game with a forehand inside out winner. Ferrer will be serving for the title.

6-4 5-2 Ferrer consolidates the break with a hold to love. He is now one game away from this huge victory – remember, he has never won a Master series event.. Janowicz to serve to stay in the match.

6-4 4-2 BREAK! A few too many unforced errors are leaking into Janowicz’s game. He nets an easy volley and pulls a forehand sitter wide to go 0-30 down. Ferrer is ruthless and hits an amazing return followed up by a forehand winner to get to three break points. Fails to convert the first one as he nets a backhand. The second one is saved by the Pole with an oustanding backhand volley drop shot. Janowicz hands the Spaniard the game with a double fault.

6-4 3-2 Ferrer takes a 30-15 lead after a neatly placed overhead. However, Janowicz grabs the next point and as he takes the game to deuce, he earns himself a break point with a forehand winner. Ferrer saves it with an ace. The Pole gets to another break point chance but misses a backhand down the line after possibly the best rally of the match so far. Janowicz is looking very good right now, but unfortunately for him, he comes up with a forehand error in a rally that he was dictating from the very beginning. The Spaniard closes out the game with an ace.

6-4 2-2 BREAK! Janowicz loses his focus for a couple of points and goes 0-30 down, but gets lucky on the very next point as his drop shot just trickles over with the help of the net cord. The Pole forces Ferrer behind the baseline with some powerful hitting, levelling the score at 30-30. Despite Ferrer getting to a re-break point, Janowicz plays a second serve volley to take the game to deuce. The Polish qualifier fails to convert any of the two game points that he earns himself and it is Ferrer who emerges victorious after taking his second break point opportunity.

6-4 1-2 BREAK! The Spaniard is able to keep Janowicz off balance as he moves him around the court very wisely. However, Janowicz manages a little comeback from 15-40 to deuce and earns himself a break point. After raising his hand to challenge Ferrer’s forehand, the hawk eye shows that the Spaniard ground stroke has landed just long. Janowicz goes up a break.

6-4 1-1 Ferrer runs down a well placed drop shot from Janowicz and somehow manages to come up with a passing shot. The Pole subsequently nets a backhand to go 0-30 down. But his serve helps him to get back into the game, an ance and a big second serve, followed up by another ace – 40-30. Closes out the game with an unreturnable first serve.

6-4 1-0 A quick love hold from Ferrer and he certainly looks more fresh right now. Ready to pounce any time..

6-4 SET FERRER! Jerzy opens up with an ace, but subsequently tries a forehand slice just to hit it wide. Despite taking a 30-15 lead with another huge serve, he commits one more forehand unforced error and Ferrer has suddenly got a small chance here at 30-30. The Spaniard challenges a baseline call on his side and the hawk eye confirms that the ball from Janowicz’s racket is long – set point for Ferrer. The Pole saves it with an ace but hands the Spaniard his second set point after producing a double fault. After a longer rally, Ferrer waits for his chance and Janowicz helps him as he overhits a forehand.

5-4 A forehand return miss from Janowicz followed up by a forehand bullet that Ferrer is unable to handle (15-15). David reads another drop shot from his opponent very well and storms to take the third point of the game. As Janowicz comes up with a backhand return winner and the Spaniard nets a backhand, we have got the first break point opportunity of the match. But the Pole rushes the attack and can’t find the forehand when he needs it the most. Ferrer eventually holds and Janowicz will serve to stay in the set.

4-4 Janowicz takes control right after the serve, firing a forehand winner to go 15-0 up. Ferrer’s return lands long and the Pole finds another ace to take a 40-0 lead. Jerzy claims the game after the longest rally of the match as Ferrer is forced to come into the net, but the Pole passes him with ease.

4-3 Ferrer is making sure that he has got a good enough lenght when rallying, not giving the Polish qualifier any chances to attack. The Spaniard comes up with yet another confident hold as he closes out the game with a forehnd winner, holding to love.

3-3 An ace and a huge first serve gives Jerzy a 30-0 lead. Hits another ace just before netting a forehand approach and the score is poised at 40-15. After Ferrer commits an unforced error, the Pole wraps up the game.

3-2 The Spaniard has never won a Masters series tournament, but is more than willing to do so here. Goes 30-0 up just before Janowicz hits an amazing forehand volley drop shot on the full stretch. However, Ferrer claims the next two points and holds to 15.

2-2 Ferrer misses an easy looking second serve return and is clearly not happy with it. Janowicz ovehits a forehand by a few meters and subsequently nets a backhand to give the Spaniard a 30-15 lead. But an ace and a lethal second serve follow and he earns himself a game point at 40-30 up. A well constructed point follows, the Pole comes up with yet another drop shot after a powerful second serve and takes the game.

2-1 Ferrer produces his first ace as well, but commits a double fault right afterwards. After the Pole lures the Spaniard into the net with a drop shot, Ferrer finds a passing shot to take a 30-15 lead. A backhand unforced error from Janowicz and we have got two game points. Jerzy takes a big swing at the return that follows, sending it out of the court and granting Ferrer the lead in the set.

1-1 Jerzy starts with a double fault, followed up by a massive first serve and a successful net approach. He subsequently hits the first ace of the match to go 30-15 up. Janowicz fires antoher two first serves that set up the two winners and he levels the score at 1-1.

1-0 Ferrer holds to love. A longer rally opens up the match, Janowicz’s forehand sails long at the end of it. The Pole tries a drop shot but finds the net only. The Spaniard finishes off the game with an ace.

Ferrer to serve..

Players are warming up..

Live Commentary of the Paris Masters 2012 final between Ferrer and Janowicz will commence here as soon as the players start warming up.

Ferrer made his way into the final by beating Granollers, Wawrinka, Tsonga and Llodra on the way. The Polish qualifier Janowicz overcame Kohlschreiber, Cilic, Murray, Tipsarevic and Simon to give himself a chance to fight for the Paris title.

Janowicz is the huge surprise of the tournament, he has already secured himself the 26th place in the ATP Rankings when they come out on Monday. Should he win today’s final, he will move to an unbelievable 22nd position.

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