Federer vs Murray Live @ ATP World Tour Finals 2012

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Roger Federer vs Andy Murray

– We have one more match to come in London and that will see the world number one take on the world number two in a dream final. Join us for live coverage tomorrow night for Djokovic-Federer!

– Fed wins his London miniseries with Murray 2-1. Andy took the Olympic final while Roger won the Wimbledon encounter and this match tonight.

– Great intense match, Murray threw everything at him in the first set but once Federer got going there was only going to be one winner.

Federer wins 6-2 7-6 (7-5)

– Federer 6-2 7-6 (7-5) Murray

There’s no stopping the Fed express now, he speeds through the game with impervious play. Game, set and match to Federer.

– Federer 5-2 7-6 (7-5) Murray

At 30-30 things are looking bad for Murray and as Federer moves ahead to break point. Fed picks up the ball with a backhand and deposits it beyond Murray’s reach – double break and he’s a game away from a showdown with Djokovic tomorrow.

– Federer 4-2 7-6 (7-5) Murray

Federer holds to love despite some second serves. The Swiss is eight from nine on his second delivery in this set. Murray has got to do better, he has two more tries to go.

– Federer 3-2 7-6 (7-5) Murray

No problem for Murray as he holds serve to love. Can he use that as a base for an assault on the Federer serve?

– Federer 3-1 7-6 (7-5) Murray

Fed’s forehand is relentless at the moment, Murray is mumbling to himself. I can’t help but think these two things are linked. Another hold and if Federer continues to waltz through service games like this, the finish line will be in sight soon. Time for Murray to make a stand.

– Federer 2-1 7-6 (7-5) Murray

Murray goes to the drop shot twice, once successful. Is he trying to run Federer’s energy levels down? Two errors undo previous good play from Andy and the game heads to deuce. Another error and it is break point. Murray has to stop the rot now but can’t as Fed gets on the forehand and forces Murray into the net.

– Federer 1-1 7-6 (7-5) Murray

Federer is set to cruise control as he sweeps through the game, rewarding himself with a new racquet at the end of it.

– Federer 0-1 7-6 (7-5) Murray

Novak Djokovic came back from a set down earlier today, Andy Murray will have to match his effort if he is going to contest the final tomorrow. The Scot has the advantage of serving first and the crowd is trying to rouse him. He gets off to good start, holding to 15.

First set goes to Federer!

– Federer 7-6 (7-5) Murray

Murray saves a set point, but on the second one Federer drives Murray back and takes the first set.

– Federer 6-4 Murray TB

Federer goes toe to toe on the backhand side for several shots before Murray makes an error. Set point!

– Federer 5-4 Murray TB

Big serve and some net play moves Murray back ahead on serve. Fed slams a service winner down and then forces an error with a drive volley. Neither man backing off…

– Federer 3-3 Murray TB

Federer bangs a big serve down and follows up with a forehand, Murray holds his two service points too. A Federer backhand error hands the minibreak over before he wins the next point. Amazing play from Fed to win a long rally and level things at the changeover.

– Federer 6-6 Murray

Murray stays calm and finds the right gradient of escalating aggression in the first two points to force errors. Fed finds time to knock a stunning backhand winner down the line before Murray closes out. Tiebreak – showtime at the O2

– Federer 6-5 Murray

The tactical battle is fascinating, both men know what they want to do. Fed keeping points short where he can and some great serves (first and second) see him through another game. Murray needs to hold to reach a tiebreak.

– Federer 5-5 Murray

Roger is all over Andy’s second serve now but Murray hangs tough and holds his opponent off. Gutsy play.

– Federer 5-4 Murray

Murray will be frustrated at letting Federer off the floor so late in the set. The Fed machine is purring now: aggressive second serves, rapier forehand and all.

– Federer 4-4 Murray

Murray has new balls but Federer is on the hunt regardless and gets to 0-30. Murray hauls him back before spooning a scoop forehand out, break point for Federer. Second serve and Fed advances in to level the set. Momentum with Fed, can Murray get going again?

– Federer 3-4 Murray

Some inaccuracy from Murray’s backhand but he’s staying aggressive. Federer produces some magic on the final point, wowing the crowd.

– Federer 2-4 Murray

Here we go then, Murray serving. At 15-15 Fed tucks into a second serve to move ahead, his fans cheer their approval – there’s not tennis venue in the world that doesn’t have Federer fans in it. The game moves to deuce, Fed using a backhand down the line to Murray’s forehand to change the backhand to backhand pattern that favours Murray. Andy gets into the net well to secure the hold though.

– Federer 2-3 Murray

Federer falls 0-30 down before smashing a should height forehand for a winner. The serve and forehand comes to life to see him through the game. More like it from the Swiss but he’s still a break down.

– Federer 1-3 Murray

So Murray is looking to take Federer’s indoor fortress by storm. The Scot has come out all guns blazing while Federer is feeling his way into the match. Big contrast between Fed’s chip return and the big swings of Murray, which will prove more effective tonight? The men exchange glaring errors before a big serve seals the game for Murray.

– Federer 1-2 Murray

Federer has not served consistently well at the O2 this year and how he needs some first serves here as Murray jumps out 15-30 with some aggressive play. The game goes to deuce and Murray rolls the dice on a huge return that is just out. Federer takes the game and is on the scoreboard.

– Federer 0-2 Murray

Llendl in Andy’s player box, stony faced as ever while his charge looks to consolidate the break. Federer works his way to 15-30 but Murray reels off three points to hold.

– Federer 0-1 Murray

Gladiatorial atmosphere in North Greenwich. Federer is outlasted by Murray at a crucial point and it is two early break points for the Scot. Fed saves the first but nets the second and the crowd roars in support of the home player.

– Play!

– The players are warming up. Andy Murray won the toss and elected to receive.

– One of the biggest rivalries on the ATP Tour will get its next installment around 7.45pm. Can Andy Murray get a third successive win against Roger Federer or will the Swiss maestro find his Wimbledon form?

Live Commentary of the ATP World Tour Finals 2012 semifinal match between Federer and Murray will commence here Sunday at 7:45pm London (UK) time.

The Swiss qualified for the semis after winning his group, on the other side the Brit finished second in his group (with Djokovic being first).

Murray leads the head to head against Federer with 10-8, having beaten him in the 2012 Shanghai Masters semi-finals.

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